Highland Recreation Area offers 5,900 acres of forest, marshes and lakes in the rolling hills of Southern Michigan. With trails to accommodate equestrian riders, mountain bikers, hikers and skiers, there's an activity for every season in this park.

Beautiful trail...hilly, big trees, windy, absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely we will go back!!

Amazing trail! Great prep for any backpacking excursions! It's a hidden gem in Michigan.

Hard for Mtb up and down hill and Rocky

Great to walk and hike on but detections are confusing


Fun and very hard looking forward to more trail riding there!

We did A+B and did not take the B cutoff. Was plenty of hills, a little bit of rocks and rough trerrain. Finished the 10+ mile in just over 4 hours. It was clean, debris free, trimmed, and very nice. Had about 10 bikers come through while I was on trail and just needed to step aside. Will definitely hit this again with more people to abuse them.

went on A and B trail. it was almost 10 miles. we were hiking not biking. keep your pet close. the bikes cannot stop quick and they come flying by. loved the trails.

Great hike and very challenging. Took us a little more than an hour to complete loop A. Bring some bug spray. A few annoying flies.

5 months ago

Hike all over. Always a good time

6 months ago

very challenging for a fat man like me

6 months ago

This trail has the ability to be over 16 miles if you ride all four loops!

Hiked 6 miles with 45 lbs pack training for a backpacking trip. Good training ground with a fair amount of elevation gain.

Just loved this trail

I just cross-country ski'd a portion of the new Cedar Creek Trail with my young son, starting at the Park entrance near the Haven Hill Gate House. Wonderful!

I've noticed that some folks seem to confuse the trails that are located west of Duck Lake Road off of Livingston Road (focused mainly to Mountain Biking but open to other activities) with the trails that are in the Haven Hill section of the park which is accessed from Highland Road (M-59) west of Duck Lake Road. Both are fantastic but very different, unique, and separate areas of the Park. The Haven Hill section entered from M-59 features the National Natural Landmark area and the historic Edsel and Eleanor Ford estate grounds and Teeple and Haven Hill Lakes. The historic structure sites there are dotted with excellent informational signs that were produced by the Motorcities organization of the National Parks, the MDNR, Oakland County, and the Friends of Highland Recreation Area. Cedar Creek Trail: During its' construction some people mistakenly thought that a new road was being built to replace Haven Hill Road. The new trail follows Haven Hill Road, and the initial forest clearing for the trails' foundation was very wide. The new trail is mostly complete, and is a very enjoyable multi-use path that extends from M-59 (Highland Road) 2.8 miles back to Teeple Lake.

Most all who visit will agree that the Highland State Recreation Area trail system is very enjoyable, has multiple sections for different skill levels and a variety of activities, has sections quiet and serene and others public and for all walks of life. This park is not designed or styled like a Metropark. It is rural and rustic and historic. Enjoy!

trail running
10 months ago

Nice, well kept trail