Bald Mountain Recreation Area has some of the steepest hills and most rugged terrain in southeastern Michigan. Camping is limited to rustic cabins, but the extensive trails, inland lakes, trout streams and wild game provide recreation opportunities all year long.

4 months ago

I couldn't even find the Bald Mountain Trail (it's in the Bald Mountain Recreation Park) we took today. Hence I post it under the one that's closest. If you follow the direction that AllTrails provides for you'll get to the other Bald Mountain trail.

Take Greenshield Rd off 24 to get directly to the trail head. If you enter the park through the main entrance, you can park at the second or third to last parking lot and take a short trail that connects to the trail head. We took our dogs on a late Sunday afternoon. The trail is mostly wooded and an easy hike. You share the trail with bikers. We didn't see too many, so no big deal while we were there. You can extend or shorten your hike as you like, as there are many trails across.

Fun local trail. We hiked it with our kids. 4 year old managed to walk quite a bit of it on his own. Baby cruised in big wheeled jogger stroller. Very quiet and peaceful trail.

Nice and shade covered for a hot day. There were a ton of frogs and toads, mushrooms to look at and little lakes and ponds to enjoy!

We go nearly every week to do at least one of the loops. Orange is the longest. Took my dog last week and he enjoyed it too!

Love the trail. I agree with another reviewer. At marker 7, it's a little confusing as to which way to go. Other than that, no problem. The trail is hilly and gives you a real work out!

Beautiful scenery. Took our dogs along and greatly enjoyed it!

8 months ago

It a great trail! I did find a couple of spots the markings were confusing, thanks to GPS we were fine.

It was a nice hike, with some hills and lots of water and trees. The only downside is being right next to the gun range, you can hear the shots, and between markers 10 and 14 you can smell them too. But it was a nice MI hike... Very Dog Friendly.

Great ride but lost my wallet. Stupid mistake!

Fun trail I've seen lots of wildlife. You can hear the shooting range it is very loud. It doesn't bother me but it might to some people.

We love it. Mountain bike & hike 1-2 X weekly!

3 years ago

This is by far my favorite trail for a short power run. Very hilly and always gets my heart rate way up! Love it!

Nice fall hike on the Orange trail. About a four mile loop through woods and past several lakes. We saw two mountain bikers and two dog walkers the whole time on a bright sunny fall weekday. We saw more snakes than people - just harmless ones, but still made us jump a few times. The colors are getting good and this will be an even better hike over the next few weeks. There were a few hills but mostly flat. A few places where it was pretty muddy. I would do it again. Went to Sagebrush Cantina nearby for lunch afterward. Nice atmosphere and decent mexican food with huge portions. Link below.

The trails on the northern part are great. They aren't difficult but you can still get a good workout. Be sure to bring bug spray if you're doing the western loop - mosquitos were out in full force even after I sprayed myself down. Probably if you're biking it's not as big of an issue, but if you're hiking they will eat you alive.

The directions on here don't lead you to the parking lots, so I'd recommend going to the website for a better idea of how to get there - - I spent a decent amount of time circling around trying to find it. One of the main parking areas is right around the intersection of Harmon and Predmore.