Here is a place . . . . . . where you can walk a Civil War-era fort, visit historic lighthouses, explore tide pools, hike lush trails, camp under the stars, or relax while fishing, picnicking or swimming-all within reach of downtown Boston. Youth programs, visitor services, research, wildlife management, and more are coordinated on the park's 34 islands and peninsulas by the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership.

Sunset is the best time to do this. there is a $6 charge to enter the park.

Great easy hike with a lot of wildlife. We went when it was cloudy out and there were more people there than I had expected. Beautiful views of the water.

Loved it, kid friendly with great views.

6 months ago

Easy loop trail that gives you a scenic view of the Boston skyline. Its a few dollars to park.

7 months ago

Nice area, very well kept. It allows LEASHED dogs but I would not categorize it as "dog friendly". Unless you have a dog that enjoys a nice stroll, not the best place for my rambunctious two. I was well aware of the need to have them on a leash but I was planning on letting them swim. They listen and come when called but I decided to forgo that plan because I felt like I was being watched the entire time I was there. Also this is not noted in the description, there is a $6 parking fee if you are not a member, which isn't a lot, but it would have been nice to know beforehand so I could make sure to have cash on hand.

Nice views of the harbor met lots of happy puppies taking their pets for a walk

11 months ago

Great for a casual hike. Beautiful views.

This is one of the most beautiful locations to immerse oneself in natural surroundings while still within a short drive of Boston. It's a great place to hike, picnic or take your dog for a walk.

Lovely place to walk, run or ride a bike. Lots of wildlife and great views

Beautiful, not too busy. Excellent views of Boston and the water. Easy little walk.

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So close to Boston and so beautiful! Easy walk with gorgeous views of the ocean bay. Beautiful meadows, nicely groomed carriage roads and trails. Great for all ages and dog walking. Nice benches are available to take a break or have lunch.
Plenty of parking. The fee is $6 per person to enter the park. Well worth it!

World's End is a great short hike. $6 PP without a membership for entry with parking included. Lots of people with dogs, which I loved. Parts of the hike are secluded while the main scenic viewpoint had a lot of families hanging out. Perfect for a walk with your significant other but still great for kids. Fun hike, I will definitely be back. Gorgeous views of the harbor.

Was very excited to learn National Park Service Pass covers entry fee. Gorgeous views. Can't wait to go back!