Great hike with a kid walking and a kid on your back. One star down bc of Fitchburg Sportsmen Club gun noises nearby though that could make it more exciting for some!

Fairly easy hike to the summit, nice views from the top so bring a lunch, sit back and relax.

nice short hike, great view. i love all if the wapacks!

Gorgeous view at the top, incredibly expansive. I would rate it as easy, not moderate. It's neat how you can walk to meet the border of MA-NH. I recommend going early. I arrived at 8am and by the time I left at 1030, it was very, very crowded already!

Nice hike with beautiful views at the top.

nice short hike with amazing views at the summit!

Great easy hike.

Spent several hours exploring different trails with my pup before we went up to the summit. Beautiful scenery and views, and we met a few very friendly hikers while exploring.

Our five year old hiked the steepest part and earned ice cream as a reward. It was the most beautiful view ever.

Great loop with the dogs. Plenty of parking in the lot and on the street. Views are great on the two summits to see 270' to Boston, Mt Wachusett and Pack Monadnock. I wouldn't necessarily recommend the steep rocky direct descent as it ends at the street quite a ways from the lot. There might be trails that bring you back to the main trail from there, though. We did the 3 mile loop and it was just right for 1 1/2 hrs with two dogs. Saw several groups from families to teens to a runner and lots of dogs.

This was a quick hike with some challenges but not too bad. We went on a clear day had the most amazing view at the top!

trail running
5 months ago

Watch the rocks! Some places on the trail are easier to run than others! I would say my 'trail run' on this mountain is more of a vigorous and/or very fast-paced hike. I usually finish the full loop in about 45 mins, and 'run' this trail at least once a week. The view is awesome. First time i ran this trail it was a little bit confusing. Make sure you check your map before you go. This used to be a skiing mountain and it shows through the trails. Altogether love this mountain and love to run it.

Clearly visible, gentle sloping trail. Took a ten-year-old and our dog and everyone had fun. 2 hours. We are all out of shape (except the dog) and we made it just fine! :)

Loved the view, but went down a trail that didn't end where I parked.. not too far down the road but be aware that theres more than just one trail up and down :)

A good quick hike to good views of Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Beautiful quick hike! Hiked up and down the wapack from 119. Took about 2 hrs. Great views for a small mountain. Saw a couple of red hawks at the summit, flying so close I could see their eyes! Saw 7 other hikers total on the trail, a couple of milk snakes, and many birds.