Great trail, wide and well kept despite it being January. Just enough elevation changes to get the blood flowing. Close to the road but secluded enough that you don't hear too many cars. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will definitely go back.

on Long Pond Trail

1 month ago

Great hike today! Very wide trails with nice views of the lake. Took 1:45 to get around the loop with a few minor breaks. 2.9 mph avg.. speed. Would recommend for all ages. Some good terrain...took a left at the pump house. A few bikers and hikers seen out there. Overall not crowded and very peaceful.

5 months ago

Great trail on the Cape. Shaded. Dogs loved it.

mountain biking
6 months ago

First ride through the woods w/ my 6 yr old son, Teddy. Couldn't be more proud of him! Only off training wheels for 2 months...LOL

The best go to trail run in Falmouth

1 year ago

I love it in all Seasons and plan on trying my snowshoes this Winter. The paths are wide and rolling in sections. There is construction going on for a Water Treatment building so a part may be closed but it was still open in the last week.

2 years ago

I didn't even know this was "here" until yesterday. It was a nice EASY (not moderate) hike. Kids and older people will have no problem. Well worth the visit :)

trail running
6 years ago

I walk/run this trail at least twice a week. It's beautiful scenery, and plenty of local wildlife.