One of my favorites. I love the Ledge Hill Trail....beautiful ocean view at one point! Awesome hike!!! Happy trails to those who walk here!!

nice little place

5 months ago

I took Old Salem trail to Long hill trail. This was a moderate challenge. Lots of rocks and roots randomly sticking out of the trail. Hiked up to the scenic view of Gloucester Harbor. As I was walking this trail there were huge boulders that were tossed up there by glaciers. The rocks tower over you. Some look like they have moss or furry buildup of some sort on the rocks. Awesome hike. Need to explore more of this place. Easy to follow trails.

Love it here! And so doesn't the pooch. They've Done a wonderful job at keeping markers and maps around the trails so you never feel lost or wandering.

on Ravenswood Park Trail

6 months ago

Very clean, quiet. Great for dogs and easy enough for a 4 year old companion. Nice view of Gloucester Harbor. Definitely coming back to explore other trails.

Nice walk. Not too crowded. Would do it again.

Highly recommended for an easy walk with clean trails and variety. Main trail popular with dog walkers but side trails much less traveled,

10 months ago

Great find! Easy paths to follow. Lots of dogs off leash on a nice day. Multiple terrains; plenty to explore!

trail running
1 year ago

good dog treck

Enjoyable hike. Interesting glacier rocks and views of the ocean along the Ledge Hill Trail section.

Dog friendly and good set of trails. We use all year round.

3 years ago

Dog friendly trails. Can be off leash, but I found it better to stay leased since there are a lot of dogs. That said, the trails are clean and well marked and maps are available. Can be easy on the wider roads/paths and moderate if you choose the wooded paths. Parking lot is very small. One of our go-to trails in a pinch.

This is a very easy set of dog friendly trails. Trails are very well marked with maps available at the trail head. Parking is not that great and requires getting across a busy road which can be a challenge with 2 hyper dogs and a five yr old. Once you are inside it is well worth it.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite places to go now!! This place is very peaceful, quiet, and never that crowded. This place is ran by an association that keeps the place very very clean, and the trails well kept! All the trails are well maped out, numbered and marked. If you have never been here before, you will be able to enjoy your walk/hike with the comfort of not getting lost. And it is also Dog Friendly, so bring your dogs. Off-leash is permitted throughout the trails, but Leash Zone is when close to parking lot.