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At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts' first wilderness state park, acquired by the Commonwealth in 1898, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. Wild and rugged yet intimate and accessible, Mount Greylock rewards the visitor exploring this special place of scenic and natural beauty. Explore Plan Your Visit for basic visitor services information, maps and brochures, operating hours and seasons. Visit Recreation for more detailed information on rules and regulations for backpack camping, snowmobiling, visiting with pets and hunting seasons. Bascom Lodge on the summit offers overnight accommodations and meals from late-May through mid/late-October. For other lodge details call 413-743-1591 or click here. For the latest weather information for Mount Greylock area visit this Weather link.

great trail, amazing view

This hike I found to be rather fulfilling. Not in the traditional sense with 1 great view at the top, but more so everything encompassed together as a whole.
The trail is very easy to follow and pretty straightforward winding a bit through the woods. It was raining and snowy when I went which made the walk a bit easier actually but slowed me down a bit. (Easier but slower steps).
With about 3/4 of a mile remaining the trail crosses the road and dips into some thick woods. There's a nice little lake with a cabin that you walk around before you reach the road again and a bit further to the summit. Very peaceful area and during the summer the lodge is open where in my opinion would be a great place to unwind and grab a bite before you go back down. The view is very nice but it can be windy up top.
Because the trail isn't too rocky and is a steady incline up and decline down, it won't take particularly long to finish. I would rate this as a moderate hike as no point is really that steep or challenging. The best part is the last mile.

Beautiful hike and we'll worth an afternoon.

Absolutely loved this trail.

Thiel Rd was closed due to snow, so we parked on Gould Rd and had about a 20 min hike to the beginning of the Tbolt trail. From that point it took us about an hour to the top.

The trail was very steep, hardest I've hiked in my short "hiking career." It had snowed overnight about an inch so as we ascended, the footing got worse and worse. Thankfully it was a "trail day" so there was about 10 or so folks out on the trail clearing brush for future skiing. They had already made some nice paths to show some of the better foot spots. Even so, we both fell a few times, small falls to knee or hand down, etc.

The summit is pretty cool. The lounge thing was closed at the top due to season (think it closed last week) and it was too windy and chilly to really sit and soak it all in. There was a nice display that pointed out highlights to look for on the horizon as well as a sculpture of the mountain with the trails identified (we used this to map the way down an alternative trail).

Because of the conditions and the difficulty of the trail, we decided it would not be a good idea to take it back down. So we went to the left side of the mountain and went down the Gould trail which eventually dumped us at a different parking area from our car. It was a short hike through a X-country ski trail back to our parking area.

Overall, great hike. Can't wait to do it again during warmer conditions. Maybe 3 weeks earlier in fall would be ideal.

Marked well, nice hike to the summit.

I give this trail 5 stars because it was such a peaceful hike. I saw NO ONE until the AT. I
I hiked the loop and the fall foliage was so amazing that in the sunshine, it felt like I was walking through a painting.
I would not rate this trail as even remotely hard however. It was quite a nice walk over a small mountain.

The trail marked on here is COMPLETELY different than in real life. NEVER TRUST THIS APP!

Absolutely TERRIBLE. I would have been better off without this stupid app. Never been so lost in the woods before. NEVER TRUST THIS APP!

Love this hike. Challenging but fun and the views at the summit are worth every drop of sweat

Did this this morning. Parked on Mt Greylock. Walked down to trail head at campground. Probably could have parked there though. Easy to get to falls, strenuous in way back up but def doable. Water is a trickle we need rain.

This was my first time on the Appalachian Trail! Started at Jones Nose for a great 4 mile hike to the summit. This is a very wooded trail that leads to the top of beautiful Mt Greylock with a summit overlooking the town of Adams, MA nestled in the valley.

We used Rockwell Rd. Parking Area as our starting point and followed the Hopper Trail North until it met with Rockwell Road again on one of the many sharp turns. We crossed the road and followed the Appalachian Trail South to Jones Nose and the CCC Dynamite trail. back to the trail head on Rockwell Road. We chose to bypass Greylock Summit as we had hiked there the day before. Doing the trail this direction put the moderate climb at the front of the hike and the easier downhill part at the end of the hike. This easy hike offered very little in the way of Scenic Overlooks. It was a good follow up to the hard hike done the day before but offered little more than some exercise. If we had done the hike counterclockwise than the stretch of trail between Jones Nose and the AT would have been a real workout.

My grandson & I started this hike at the Notch Road Parking area. The trails are well worn so are somewhat easy to follow. It is a difficult trail as advertised. Starting at an easy uphill slope and getting increasingly steeper.The final assent to Mount Greylock summit very steep. But the Summit views made it all worth it. It offers views of Adams & North Adams, Looking distant, you can see Mountains in New York as well as in Vermont. The tower at the top was surrounded with scaffolding and was being redone. Update on previous comments about burned out floor in Bellows Pipe Leanto: The floor is repaired now but the roof is missing a lot of shingles. We returned to the parking lot by heading North on the Appalachian Trail until it connected to Bernard Farm trail. Although the AT was very rocky and steep, the going was mostly downhill so made the hike easier. We did take in a quick trip to Mount Williams summit. After the view on Greylock, the view on Mt. Williams is hardly worth the side trip. Despite the well worn trails and pretty good signage, we did miss the turnoff to Bellows Pipe on Ragged Mountain. A few more blazes here and there on the trail would be helpful. All in all, it was a tiring but gratifying day of hiking.

absolutely gorgeous

3 months ago

thunderbolt is steep, yes but its not a very difficult hike. the elevation gain is over a very short distance and the views up the trail can make it seem overwhelming but you're up it in no time. pace yourself if you haven't done anything this steep before or you will burn yourself out pretty quickly. turning the corner on big bend is the final push and a good leg burner for sure. it's a short hike but well worth it!!

Incredible hike! The views are spectacular! If you are going to summit, taking the Money Brook trail up was the way to go. On the way back down, the hopper trail is less steep and seems like the better route down. For first timers to the Berkshires, my wife and I couldn't get over the views from the summit of Mount Greylock. Sitting at the top (facing east) over looking the town of Adams was a phenomenal lunch stop. Guess what??? They have Popsicles at the top!!!!! What better way to enjoy a summer day atop a mountain. Enjoy and hike safe!

4 months ago

Very nice hike. 8 miles up and back. Took Bernard Farm Trail from the Notch Road trailhead. Two miles up to link with the AT South and two more miles to the summit. Reversed course to come back down. Didn't see a single person until reaching the AT.

Not very steep and not a lot of rocks. Scrambling over rocks can be tough on the feet and knees and I'm glad to say this trail had little of that really. I was in a hurry and did it in 3:45 hours.

Interesting note: Coming back down the trail, saw a large fiberglass piece of "trash". But what I've read since doing this hike was that a plane crashed near the trail about 25 years ago killing two people. What I saw was the size of a wing and it was right off the trail among some downed coniferous trees. I thought it was trash because I didn't see anything else nearby.

Great Hike But Be Forewarned. The Thunderbolt Trail Splits Off To The Right At One Point But The Sign Looks Like It Goes To Left Up The Steep Incline. That Is A Direct Shot Up To the AT And Cuts Off About 3/4 Of A Mile But Not For The Inexperienced Hiker. It Was Very Steep And Strenuous, We Came Down The Other Way On The Thunderbolt And It Was Much Easier As You Had 3/4 Of A Mile Extra To Spead The Elevation. All In All A Great Hike Thiough With A Beautiful Summit.