Covering 1,027 acres in Foxboro and Wrentham, F. Gilbert Hills is a "passive use" pine and oak forest. There are 23 miles of trails for various uses, looping through the forest. One of these leads to the Warner Trail, a long-distance hiking trail that travels through Norfolk County on its way to Rhode Island. Mountain Biking is a widely popular activity and there are also trails for ORVs and horseback riding. The forest is named for a dedicated State Forester and park employee. In the 1930s he produced a series of outstanding illustrative maps of many of the Department's properties in existence at the time. Franklin and Wrentham State Forests are minimally developed properties that offer numerous intersecting trails and dirt roads. Trails are open for hiking, mountain biking and off highway vehicles (not ATVs). For information call F. Gilbert Hills.

Awesome fall hike Did a 5.5 mile loop ending at Sunset Lake with a glass of wine (or a bottle)

Nice place to walk several trail options ... Lots of different types of trails all are dirt we went on the pine hill trail a lot of uphill then on the Tupelo trail to granite street and back about 1.5 miles

I love it! have gone multiple times my boyfriend, his daughter,(7) my nephew, and my self just happened to come upon it when trying to find a lake to swim at.

mountain biking
5 months ago

I did this ride back in 2008 and I absolutely loved it and the single track rock trail was insane.
Trails for all levels

mountain biking
5 months ago

Nice variety of trails for mountain biking

off road driving
7 months ago

Great place to ride dirt bikes but rocky but I like the rocks

A great place for a hike with or without a dog. A few different trails. And we did see a few mountain bikers as well.

nice place to hike with the kids. have only hiked the main loop but I would really like to go with a mountain bike. lots or people were riding there when we went.

Great spot for walking the dog.