Great short hike! Not as steep as I would have expected. Took about 1.5 hrs round trip with 15 minutes at the top, and parking at the rail trail parking in Cheshire. No parking at trailhead. Return to Cheshire by AT North- white blazes, trail has a few turns so keep an eye for blazes. Views were awesome at the top!

Short, steep trail leading to fantastic views to the north, west and south.

6 months ago

Parking area is on Notch Rd.

Google maps via this app brings you to the end of Furnace Hill Road, a residential area with no parking sides on both sides of the street. Can someone please post where the parking is for this hike?

when you get to the red arrows pointing back the way you came, follow them backward and around to the left away from the AT for about 100 ft.

Gorgeous view and perfect workout

The scenery was beautiful. The hike was very pleasant. Will do it again for sure. Had a awesome picnic on the top of the cobble looking out at Cheshire Lake.

Great views. Got lost on the way up. Follow single white markers not the double when you come to the fork.

Beautiful hike with amazing views

Cold, short hike. Steep incline but overall easy hike. The view is spectacular.

Accessed via the AT. Absolutely beautiful views. Greylock is visible in the distance on a clear day.

2 years ago

just hiked this trail for the first time. The view was so awesome. Plan to again soo.

First time on the trail and I loved it! I am going to do this trail more often. The hike up the hill was rough for someone out of shape but it was worth it for the view! The view was better than I thought. I could of stayed up there for hours.

Good parking and access. You'll follow a footpath until hits the Appalachian Trail that is marked by signs and yellow paint/markings, I believe you're suppose to follow the AT up to the overlook. I got side tracked by the multiple trails, footpaths and logging trails, so be careful.

fantastic views from the top. took about 45 minutes to get up and back. a little on the steep side but worth it.