5 days ago

TH is on John ownings road, before you reach the Hashawa entrance.
I enjoyed doing this as a night hike,once you get through the pine trees,the rest is pretty straight forward.
Not sure I would rate this as a moderate hike,closer to easy.
That's just my personal opinion.
For a quick hike fix this works.

8 days ago

One of my favorites !!

19 days ago

Closed Monday Wednesday and Friday Sept 1st through Feb 15th. Just a heads up. A bit disappointed I couldn't go today.

It's an okay hike but not well marked at all.

3 months ago

The trails are poorly marked. I would also rate as easy, not moderate. Nice place for a family gathering.

4 months ago

Good experience. Was planning on doing the 3.3 mile loop, however, some spots were overgrown and it was wet, so I decided to head back. Only did 1.7 miles, but there was a variety of different terrain and scenery. Very quiet, beautiful place. Will definitely visit again on a dry morning.

5 months ago

Always a favorite with my dog who lives the stream.

6 months ago

Beautiful, peaceful and not at all busy. Great Fall walk.

8 months ago

One of my favorite trails in Carroll Co. Wear tall boots so you can traverse the streams. It gets muddy.

1 year ago

Beautiful Hike in the Winter with snow covered grounds.

Come to a road and the green trail just stops. instead of turning back around, go left and you will see the bird sanctuary. The trail blazes are now white and takes you to the bear branch nature center

Took this trail yesterday. The address listed under directions, 307 John Owings Rd , is a bad address. That is someone's house. Make the left on Hashawah Rd, park at lot on left and the trail starts to the left of Lake Hashawa.. There are a number of trails to take, yellow blazes, white blazes. The trail that comes past the injured bird sanctuary is green blazes, the Vista Trail.

Definitely a nice place to hike the scenery is great and the passages are good to take a jogging stroller if you want to take a little one with you. Bring food and water as it is a long hike. And it's definitely Fido friendly.

Very nice variety of scenery and habitats--plenty of wild life. A short walk from the nature center is the injured raptor aviary, where you can see some beautiful injured birds (bald eagle, hawks, owls when we were there).
As you get further out on the yellow trail, the markings get a little confusing and don't really seem to follow the map. It is very easy to end up on equestrian trails by accident and make it a longer hike. Fortunately, it is possible to get back to the park through a connector trail. If you make our mistake (you will know you messed up when you have to ford a stream) follow signs to stay on the Lower Trail (reddish colored markers, spanning from red-orange to fuschia). Eventually, you will come across a wooden post on the left with very faint writing that points you down a trail towards the stream. At the bottom of the hill there will be a wooden footbridge that leads you back to the green trail.

Hike was nice but river crossing is required. Water was to deep to wade so we went upstream to cross over on a fallen tree. No breathtaking views but lots of nature. Markers were ok, used phone for navigation.

Followed trail to Saw Mill following 'The Boulevard' and return taking a section called the lower trail. The tracker for this app called it 5 miles. This is a great trail and I am stunned by how few people take advantage of it. There is also parking at Saw Mill. To me two hours and twenty minutes to do this trail. I use trekking poles which I find helpful on hills and rough ground. Oh yeah saw lots of deer and a few horses

3 years ago

Great Trail close to my house. Not to difficult. There are a couple of hills that are a little steep. You can take quite a few different directions that make a little different each time. My dog loves it!

Great place for solo or family hiking. Has a little bit of it all. From fire trails to some nice single track. There are lots of trails that connect to Hashawa trails. You can hike all the way to the Union Mills Homestead from the trails at Hashawa. :)