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Located along the Susquehanna River valley with its heavy forest cover and rocky terrain, Susquehanna State Park offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities as well as points of historical significance. The park is home to some of the most popular mountain biking trails in Maryland and the river itself beacons fishermen and boaters alike. Susquehanna State Park also contains a very family friendly campground with traditional campsites and cabins. History buffs will be drawn to the restored Rock Run Historic Area with its working grist mill, the Archer Mansion, Jersey Toll House and the remains of the Susquehanna Tidewater Canal. The river offers excellent fishing opportunities, including pike, perch, and bass for shoreline anglers or boating anglers who launch from the Lapidum Boat Ramp.

It was a rainy trek today but still a great a walk- saw 6 bald eagles today.

Good fall views of the river. some elevation changes. Clear and easy trail to run.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Can be tricky as there are multiple intersecting trails. Enjoyed it. The walk along the river with all the fall colors was spectacular

Great scenery. Nice flat and fast trail to run. Parking is not the best but manageable. I'll be going regularly.

Pretty easy trail. Quiet and beautiful. I just can't seem to find that big tree.

2 months ago

Nice route

Been here many times...brought my new puppy to get him started on a familiar trail....he did great! trail needs a bit maintaining...trees across path and large roots sticking out...and dont go after a big rain....we slid down a trail! overall...great trail with beautiful views

Great trail, wish it was a little more kept up on but beautiful sights none the less

mountain biking
7 months ago

great scenery to go along with a challenging ride. Along the Greenway trail was a peaceful fun adventure taking you up the river. Moving on to some of the parks inner trail is where it got difficult! Amazing place, will definitely be back soon!

Great hike! Very scenic and generally well-kept trails. Good time, we'll be coming back.

Good trail. It took me just shy of an hour and a half to complete.

8 months ago

My 4 year old son and I did just the Rock Run Trail loop where it uses the Land of Promise Trail to complete the loop. We also went down to the falls off the Historic Walking Trail. It's a moderate difficulty trail in my opinion. Keep an eye out for the roots and rocks. We did about 1.8 miles in an hour and twenty minutes. I forgot to continue recording after our lunch break so the time and distance on the track is a bit off. We had a good time, crossed paths with friendly people, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.