nice autumn hike on an 80 degree Indian Summer day. Saw no one else on this particular trail, on a Monday.

Accessible mountain with relatively easy hike and good views. Nothing spectacular but worth the trip if you have the time.

Great view on a clear day

I went on a Tuesday, so I can't speak to weekend crowds. It was a wonderful, peaceful walk in the woods.

I parked at the East parking lot, which immediately put me on the Orange trail, which I found to be very challenging. I then made my way to the red and blue trails, where I made the full loop. I found the signage to be pretty poor and a bit confusing. When I walked through the parking lot at the bottom of the green trail, I saw they had trail maps, which would have helped me navigate (not in the East parking lot). I missed a trail and had to go back down the very steep Orange trail, which I didn't like and my dog hated. The leaves have started falling, so I was worried about slipping and even on my butt was pretty worried about safety.

If doing this hike again, I would not park in the East lot to circumvent having to go down the Orange trail. I started my tracking app late, and it recorded 7+ miles.

The green trail is very steep as well, but stone stairs, with a parking lot at the bottom, so I'd try to park here if doing this hike again.

A beautiful place to hike that will
Give you a serious workout and breathtaking views! I loved it! :)

This place is so beautiful. If you're looking for a nice, calm, but challenging hike I definitely suggest Sugarloaf. The views are amazing.

Took the Mt. Ephraim Rd entrance to the blue trail. Got to the parking lot and took the green trail to the summit. Absolutely gorgeous summit. Plenty of views.

Pretty decent, the orange trail was very steep and a little challenging. Got to the top very quickly. It's always good to go early to take good pictures. After noon, a lot of people start showing up and it's much harder to get enjoy the scenery.

2 months ago

Started from East View parking lot, took the Orange Trail up to the summit, took the Green Trail down to West View parking, then took the Blue&White, completed a 6.5 mile loop back to East View in 2.5 hours. Because it rained a lot previous night, the Orange Trail was washed out in a few places. Had to scramble at a few spots. But that made that section (1/4 mile) particularly fun.

Couldn't ask for a better hidden gem!!! Great place for views and taking your dogs!

Lots of parking lots, beautiful overlooks, and lots of variety in the trails, so you have options if you want a longer hike or a shorter one. Can be very steep at some parts. And the winery at the bottom is definitely a plus!

4 months ago

Okay, I will give the negatives first, since there are only a few and they are relatively minor....

First, the parking can be a challenge at some times, especially early in the day when everyone is trying to beat the heat, I'm guessing. I do, so I can't blame anyone. It's a small inconvenience, but be patient and keep looking around, you will find a spot!

Also, it appears that the heavy rains we have had this spring have degraded a few of the steep trails, especially the Orange. We had a hard time getting down, and passing those going up...well, I just felt bad for them because there are not many footholds left. It's tough, but just go slow and be careful!

Otherwise, Sugarloaf is glorious! Just a great place to test your limits and enjoy the outdoors. It's tough, yes, but just beautiful. The trails are covered in shade, so that helps beat some of the heat. Get to the summit right away on your visit, if you are not in good hiking shape. If you wait until after a couple miles, your legs may not make it. The summit climb is quite the challenge, but the reward when you reach the top is off-the-hook beautiful. A great place to relax, enjoy the overlooks, take lots of pictures and have a nice picnic.

If you are a dog person, this is your trail. Take your best friend with you, or enjoy all the dogs out with their families...a great place to dog watch!

Hope to see you on the trails!

5 months ago

This is a well kept private park with fields on the bottom portion, plenty of parking and a variety of trails. Major plus is that you can choose trails from 2.5 to 7+ miles, flat or summit and some lovely views.