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South Mountain State Park is a 40-mile long multi-use state park weaving along the South Mountain ridge from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. It has no distinguishable boundary or entrance facility. South Mountain State Park can be accessed at a number of locations. Most of the park is only accessible by foot.

A little steep in the beginning, overall not too challenging and the view is amazing at the end.

Great view, trail is rocky and with foliage on it, slippery. We loved it!

First time on the Appalachian trail and it was a good one to start with! First part where you start to go up in elevation is a little tiring but definitely manageable. The rest was pretty easy but had a few rocks and sticks to watch out for. We stopped a few times for snacks and picture breaks and it took us about 3 hours. Weather was nice and the view was great.

Found a new favorite spot! I'd suggest getting there early, I got there around 8am and the lot was already decently filled from people camping. By the time I left cars were parked all along route 40. The trail itself was very quiet though.
Trail was very well maintained, clean, and moderate difficulty. If you hike often, it's a very relaxed hike. If you don't hike often, you'll huff and puff for the first portion, a mile or so, but then you'll be fine.
Can't wait to come back when the leaves have changed even more!

7 days ago

How are the leaves looking there now? Thanks!

Great views

Great view! And a good workout!

This is a VERY rocky and challenging trail for the beginning backpacker or day hiker. There are no springs or privys. There is a creek on the Thurston Griggs blue blaze.

Short trail which links to the AT. Good workout to get to the AT

This trail was difficult but fun!

Awesome hike! Worth your time. Make sure you go to black rock overview as well.

21 days ago

Enjoyed it very much. It was
well worth the drive and the hike!

Difficult for a beginner- very rocky and steep uphill climb. Tread carefully on the way down, especially when the rocks are wet. Beautiful hike, though! Once you get on the AT white blaze it's much easier.
There is parking at the trail head at the dead end of White Oak Rd.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Nice hike Ruth a great pay offf

Awesome fun, well marked with loads of hikers. Mid Atlantic Hiking Assoc. was there joining the fun. Friendly dog trail too!
Great overlook of the valley, and lake. Rock climbing was taking place at the overlook as well . Loads of fun.