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South Mountain State Park is a 40-mile long multi-use state park weaving along the South Mountain ridge from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. It has no distinguishable boundary or entrance facility. South Mountain State Park can be accessed at a number of locations. Most of the park is only accessible by foot.

Pretty easy hike, starts out uphill then is pretty flat for a couple of miles to annapolis rocks. Great view from the rocks, and even better from black rocks which is about a mile further. Rt 70 noise is present the entire trek. Not what I look for when wanting to get lost in the woods for a few hours.

SOBO it was a lovely walk through the woods. High Rock has a breathtaking view. Ravens Rock is very steep and going back up it was tiring! Overall a great hike- I would recommend.

Starts out as moderately strenous and then turns into a nice stroll culminating at some awesome rock formations and overlooks.

Good hike,uphill to begin with then flattens out. Lots of people on a nice day. Great views at the end.

22 days ago

Loved the view. I went about a mile further down the trail and got a view from another vista so total it was about 7 miles out and back... I think the second vista is called Black Rock

27 days ago

I LOVE THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. This is a great Maryland section. The view at Annapolis Rocks is wonderful. :)

Took us beginners 3 hours to complete it. The first mile or so had us puffing and panting but then the trail smoothed out and was pretty easy. Lots of traffic. The view was definitely worth it in the end

Beautiful hike! First and second stream crossings on map are dried up - could not locate a spring or water source between the Cowall Shelter and Buzzard Knob.

Agree with the last comment here. This trail description is about the portion of AT south of I-70/Route 40, not north (not going to Annapolis Rock).

1 month ago

A fun hike with great views from the rocks! The fall colors were incredible. The first 1/2 mile or so is fairly steep and rocky so it gets the legs working hard from the start. I carried my 3-year old son most of the way but he was able to walk the sections of flat terrain with no problem. I'll definitely be back to do this one again.

Did this with a group of 7 girls all different abilities. Definitely a nice hike for many levels of experience. Lunch at Black rocks is a must!

A little steep in the beginning, overall not too challenging and the view is amazing at the end.

Great view, trail is rocky and with foliage on it, slippery. We loved it!

First time on the Appalachian trail and it was a good one to start with! First part where you start to go up in elevation is a little tiring but definitely manageable. The rest was pretty easy but had a few rocks and sticks to watch out for. We stopped a few times for snacks and picture breaks and it took us about 3 hours. Weather was nice and the view was great.

Found a new favorite spot! I'd suggest getting there early, I got there around 8am and the lot was already decently filled from people camping. By the time I left cars were parked all along route 40. The trail itself was very quiet though.
Trail was very well maintained, clean, and moderate difficulty. If you hike often, it's a very relaxed hike. If you don't hike often, you'll huff and puff for the first portion, a mile or so, but then you'll be fine.
Can't wait to come back when the leaves have changed even more!

1 month ago

How are the leaves looking there now? Thanks!