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South Mountain State Park is a 40-mile long multi-use state park weaving along the South Mountain ridge from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. It has no distinguishable boundary or entrance facility. South Mountain State Park can be accessed at a number of locations. Most of the park is only accessible by foot.

I went last weekend, the trail was a little icy but not too bad, and there was hardly anyone on it so it was great. The view was incredible!

Gorgeous view at the top. Nice hike up the trail! So happy to hike some more of the AT!

11 days ago

Great trail but this is actually Thurston Griggs trail. It links to the Appalachian and you can follow it to back rock overlook. When taking this trail you go right to continue to the overlook. It's very steep and rocky but great fun!

fun beautiful well traveled trail. easy to moderate difficulty.

This was an easy hike, easier than I imagined. Don't be discouraged by the sound of the highway, you won't hear it around 15 minutes into the hike.

It was pretty cold when we went there. The rocks were lightly covered with snow which looked lovely in pictures.

There is suppose to be a spring nearby. We followed the trail but it lead to a pipe with some water flowing out of it. It was odd.

Questionable ??
I hike the Patapsco Valley State Park once a week but (NOT SURE) if I can handle this. I am a Handicap Senior and the first mile to this trek looks like rough terrain and hard incline. Bones and Metal hurt in the winter so I am thinking of giving at a go this spring. Any photos or thought of the first Incline would help. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Pretty easy hike, starts out uphill then is pretty flat for a couple of miles to annapolis rocks. Great view from the rocks, and even better from black rocks which is about a mile further. Rt 70 noise is present the entire trek. Not what I look for when wanting to get lost in the woods for a few hours.

1 month ago

1 month ago

SOBO it was a lovely walk through the woods. High Rock has a breathtaking view. Ravens Rock is very steep and going back up it was tiring! Overall a great hike- I would recommend.