Went with my fiancé and two kids ages 9 and 10. The trail is fairly easy with a few up and down hill. Intensity level is pretty low. The trail looks like it is made specifically for bikes (looks really fun!)and I am planning on going back with my bike.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Great intermediate level trail, with moderate uphills. Singletrack is well maintained. Some sections are downhill turns, with a dropoff on one side, so pay attention. Not too many roots; some logs in place with alternate route options if you don't want to jump the logs.

I like this trail as it is quick and moderate level, with we'll maintained track.

My favorite running trail! Beautiful, natural single track trail. Well marked. There is enough elevation that you can make it a leisurely run or a real burner. If you are extra motivated, vere off on the orange or yellow trail. 95% forrested shade. Several easy stream crossings. Crowded with bikers on summer weekend mornings, but still manageable without headphones. You can have it all to yourself on the weekdays. Truly a gem for trail runners.

This is a great after work ride near me. It's definitely not primarily hiker used though. It's primarily used by mountain bikers and horses.