easy access, easy walking with kids and dogs, trails are well marked very wide and well maintained, I will be back on spring time.

Easy trail with lots to see: the stream, some small ruined buildings,etc.

on Savage Park Trails

2 months ago

Very nice trail just too crowded unfortunately.

nice paved trail!

great little walk through nature!

Great for biking and running!

4 months ago

Great trail, some parts are paved, mostly gravel. Very easy. Plenty of wildlife lots of butterflies, we saw a family of deer, a blue tailed skink, and a small snake. Bathrooms are nice and well kept.

road biking
4 months ago

Nice trail for a fairly easy bike ride. Half paved, half gravel.

4 months ago

I had a ton of fun hopping on the rocks and walking off trail.

Short trail best experienced by going down the river bed.

great place, definitely I'll visit it again

Nice and easy stroll. Very pretty

Great. With plenty of shad for hot days. It was 90 when me and my dog went. Hop off the trail and play a bit in the river. It's shallow and slow. Relax at the lake before you head back. Good for a couple of hours.

A nice quiet treat in the Savage area. Trails are well marked. Trails along the rivers are pretty nice. Relatively easy walking.

8 months ago

The Red trail is nice, it runs along the Middle Patuxent River, only one semi-steep hill. Easy access for the dogs to run in & take a quick dip. The GreenBlue trail is relatively flat, no hills (markers start green, then at a trail switch, can take the GreenBlue trail back out).

mountain biking
9 months ago

Went with my 11 yr old daughter for what I thought would be an easy ride, but after getting more into the ride, it turned out to anything but. At times we were on flat terrain. For hers and my skill level, it turned out to be more moderate than easy. The weather was iffy when we started but after getting into it we stopped paying attention to the rain / snow clouds in APRIL.
At the end of the beautiful hour and half ride in which we allowed ourselves to get lost before finding our way out without using my gps, I had an eager participant for future rides.