The first land purchases for what is now Rocks State Park began in 1951. Originally slated to be Deer Creek State Park, these were the first land purchases made by the State of Maryland for the express purpose of creating a park. Kilgore Falls Rocks has 855 acres of dense forests and massive boulders rising above Deer Creek. The King and Queen Seat, once a ceremonial gathering place of the Susquehannock Indians, is a natural 190 foot rock outcrop. This cliff, reached by scenic trails, affords a view of the rolling hills and farmland of Harford County. Also preserved on park property are many structural remains from the days when the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad wound its way through Rocks, helping the farms and quarries of Northern Harford County to prosper. See the park map for more information.

beautiful sights, great history, but slick in the fall with the leaves on the trail. heavily trafficked. our two dogs had a blast!

fun, but crowded

Great trails!

1 month ago

2 months ago

A great hike if you're looking for a healthy variance in terrain, scenery and incline! We didn't want too much leg abuse but still found ourselves getting a good workout. Park at Rocks road and take the loop clockwise so you get to experience King and Queens seat near the end as a reward!

2 months ago

Lots of altitude changes. From the Rapids parking lot, it's basically 500ft straight up to King and Queens seat. You can go right though and go for the gradual incline and then steep decline at the end. Definitely will hike again. 2 dogs on leash made it interesting in some parts, but they loved it too.

2 months ago

a little overcrowded, but still very beautiful

3 months ago

great hike, alot of people but not too many.

Overflow parking for Kilgore Falls may no longer be available. If you would like to continue visiting Kilgore Falls, please consider reading this, signing it and sharing it. Thank you!

4 months ago

Was here 7/25. Over 100 degrees out. Thankfully the trees provided a me cover and the hike went great! Dog made it too. Trail can be tough in spots. Loads of rocks and root. Nice rewards at both ends and the middle.

Can be highly trafficked in the summer. Wish it was a little longer but it has a beautiful look out

Great hike for my crew of four kids ages 3,3, 11 and 13. Tough for the littles that it's downhill on the way in and up on the way back from the falls when you are exhausted but they handled it well and walked it on their own.

Yes, it gets super crowded. By 12.30 when we got back to the parking lot after 2 hours of play at the waterfall people were vulturing for a parking spot. When we got there at 10.15 we had no problem getting a space.

Waterfall area is awesome! Lots of places to explore. Water does get super deep by the falls themselves (over my 13 year olds head) so just be aware with littles. I didn't feel like should've brought their puddle-jumpers, though. There was a lot of water the right depth for my 3 year olds to play in. Water shoes for sure, it's slippery and rocky.

Definitely would go again.

Pretty waterfall at the end of the heavily used trail. very busy location

rock climbing
5 months ago

Great spot for rock climbers of all experience levels

Often crowded in the summer. Lots of people swimming. People leave their trash everywhere which is annoying.