Went on 11/30. Gorgeous, even on a foggy, mucky day. Trails are well marked, and there are art installations! I'll be going back on a sunny, dry day for sure.

1 month ago

A nice short trail through the woods wrapping around the eastern shore of Lake Roland. Plenty of parking at the trail head at the end of Lakeside Drive. Fairly well blazed, just stick to the waters edge as much as possible and you should see the path.

The trail ends at a light rail track, unsure of the trespassing rules so I avoid them and turn around to head back to the head.

Short 1-3 mile well maintained hike. Great point along red trail for dog to play along river. Muddy after rains but area attracts a lot of runners and hikers.

Overall this hike was decent.
Pros: it wasn't congested with people even on a Saturday; there was water access for my dog; good options for smaller trails off the beaten path; well marked with maps at the entrance.
Cons: parking was a bit frightening- street parking on a busy, curvy road; I could hear the street noise almost the entire hike, several homes along the way so never felt private, felt like I was walking someone's private property; close to the city/commute was easy!

Nicely marked and maintained trails. The flat Red trail is fine for those looking for and easy run or hike while the various side trails are much more interesting and challenging. Loved the Orange/Yellow/Green side loops with rocky surface and some hills. Encountered a large buck head-on while hiking on the Yellow trail. He allowed me to retrieve my camera phone from my pocket and take a couple of pics before running off. Saw him again later accompanied by a doe. I'll be sure to return for other hikes here.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Good cyclocross beginners experience.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice, reasonably flat trail. Shaded for a nice run.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Heavy traffic flat trail

trail running
5 months ago

Love this trail. It's right by my house and had a great variety of side trails along with the well maintained main trail.

Nice variety. The trail has inclines and declines as well as flats. Some good views too.

7 months ago

Great trail. Flat, well maintained, and beautiful. Sometimes it gets a little muddy though.

Great 4 mile trail to the lake and back. Very easy great feel and saw a bunch of deer and fish jumping out of the water. Very well kept and not very crowded. You will need to park right off of falls road.

Love it

trail running
1 year ago

I've been exploring some of the various trail routes (red, blue, yellow, green) this week as part of my daily runs and have enjoyed it immensely! I'm now planning to add trail runs to my normal running repertoire...a great way to mix things up. Only down side was I came across a dog walker with two unleashed dogs (blue trail)...they were friendly dogs but I'm afraid of dogs (been bit twice) so I wasn't comfortable going by them...stopped running and walked.

Love this little trail along former trolley tracks.

Nature is beautiful and should always gets 5 stars. Sorry about my earlier review only giving it 4 stars. Oops

I enjoyed my time here