Ed Garvey shelter can be very crowded. Steep 0.5 mile descend to get to water source

5 months ago

Nice starting point for day hike. We started here for our A.T. across Maryland trip. If you do not pay attention you may miss the turnoff for the A.T. The A.T. in this area has many access point so day hikers are common. I can borderline on crowded. See the details on my SPOT adventures sites.


Troop 37 went on this hike and we had a great time the hike was great walk and a good over night

Probably the most technical section of the AT through MD. Lots of rocks about a mile and a half out from Pen Mar.

My favorite hike to do in the area. Weverton Cliff is amazing.

great view

Walking into Harpers Ferry NoBo or SoBo is always a treat. The 1/8 mile descent detour off the A.T. to Weverton Cliffs is an absolute must! The last 2.5 miles before Harpers Ferry are along the historic C&O canal towpath and the beautiful Potomac River.

Did this one sobo with scouts. Pretty steep switchbacks as we got closer to PenMar. Working bathrooms were very welcome at trail's end. GREAT view from park and very near mid-way point of Appalachian Trail.

Great veiw. Agree with the previous reviewer that you sould eat at the overlook. Several good spots.

Another cool variation on this hike is to leave a car at the parking lot on Weverton road, just below the hill climb to weverton cliffs, then drive further north on 67 into maryland to gathland state park. Head south on the AT. And a few miles up is ed garvey. Then tool on down to your other car. Or for a nice extra long day, go on to harpers ferry - the 3 miles along the C&O canal on the way to HF give your dogs a much needed break.

Started actually in Harper's Ferry and headed N to Pennsylvania.. Really liked HF area. A lot of historic interests. Hike out to Ed Garvey, as mentioned, is not exactly flat and easy.. Beyond Ed Garvey makes for a decently easy hike... Been doing the trail in sections for years and really enjoyed this part.. Was on in June.. Very hot that week. Had 7 days to get to Penn, and took my time and still managed to arrive in 4.. State of Maryland has some beautiful sections of trail.. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get a taste of the AT to see if it's for them..