Great scenery and trail had good signage! looking forward to next time!

Actually had a good time.
Best way to stay in reasonably good shape.
Nice trails, lot's of varying terrain.
Well maintained.
Only covered small part of park.
I will be going back to cover the rest.
Thumbs up.
Have fun.

Gets crowded on the weekends. Jerks leave beer cans. Nice woods.

19 days ago

This was a very nice trail. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the temperatures cool. Went during weekday so wasn't too populated. When we got to the very end where the suspended bridge was we were about to turn around and walk back. There was a guy there that said there was another way if we were interested. We were. We prefer new trails instead of backtracking. We crossed the bridge and made a left and walked up the road about 100 feet. To the left, over the guard rail there is another trail. It is not maintained. It is not recommended for dogs, children, horses or after heavy rain. Rocky and rooty with several trip hazards so be careful. Some areas are steep down and up. After several hundred feet, you'll find yourself on a more maintained trail. This will be down by the dam. Keep river on your left and keep going until you see the very first suspended bridge. We crossed back over that bridge, made a right and followed the Gristmill trail back to our car. If you don't cross over the bridge and continue straight you'll be on a traveled road. We did not want to be on that road. So we just crossed the bridge and got back on the trail. Coming back that way made for a much more strenuous, experience.

on Grist Mill Trail

26 days ago

Good trail for walking and biking. Great birding area. It is beautiful in all seasons. I like the Lost Pond area.

so peaceful

1 month ago

Well maintained trail, good markings.

Trail is well maintained,quiet and the park lovely! Bikers are friendly, but there were many out during my Sunday am hike.

Great for family and friends! Parking it's a long the road.

THANK GOD this place has reopened. I miss it so much.

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this trail! Be sure to pick up a map though, as I got stuck in the bull run trail for a bit as it stems off of the soapstone trail. I parked at the end of I95 and it worked out nicely.

Nice walk but the trail markings are sub par at best and some areas are very over grown with vegetation. We also found ourselves having to take game trails to get back to the main trail.

Hey everyone, heads up - this trail and the whole Avalon area is closed till further notice.

road biking
2 months ago

Starting in the Avalon area of Patapsco Valley Park near "Lost Lake", this is about 2.5 miles long, ending at a suspension bridge across the Patapsco River at Illchester Road. Near the trail end at Illchester also features the Illchester Train tunnel and ruins of the of the old St. Marys College, a former seminary. Entering the Avalon area of the Park, you will also see the Thomas Viaduct, built in 1835 it is the world's largest multiple arched railroad bridge with an arc and is still in use by trains today. Other highlights off the tail are a swinging bridge at Orange Grove and the remains of the Bloede's Dam (scheduled for demolition in late 2016) which was the world's first submerged electrical generating plant contained inside a dam. There is a small fee for entry into the Park.

Great walk with two adults and 3 kids. Flat terrain as you enter in off Landing Road and then growing mor difficult as you get closer to the bridge. Good times stepping into the water and exploring the falls and pools.

3 months ago

There were several creeks in which I saw fish, crayfish and a frog. The trails are good, not too intense and not too easy. I liked the scenery. It seems like a good place to bike. It's definitely one of the best trails near where I live. Will go back to explore the other trails that I haven't explored yet.

moderate trail with plenty of scenery to take in.