NIce trail, mostly out of the way, with a view of the patuxent river

An easy walk through the woods, at some points along a stream. Very pleasant.

It's hard to find a Howard County park in a more "natural" state without paved trails. This area fits the bill perfectly. It's a beautiful nature walk! Also very suitable for Trail Running. It mostly consists of dirt trails, and it's easy to stay on the path and find your way. Can be quite wet in portions, especially after a rain. It's not very crowded, and feels very much in the woods and away from the world. I highly suggest you stay on the trail, as there is a ton of poison ivy just off the path all along the pathways. You'll see a neat retro surprise along the trail as well. The parking lot is quite small. Do NOT use the Google Maps app to search for the park by name, as it dumps you into townhouse community in Columbia. This park is more towards River Hill, Great Star Dr. exit. It's off Trotter Rd.

Nice trail, wet in some areas, not a lot of traffic on the day we hiked

Not bad. Very tic tic ticky

Nice trail. Even better when you follow loop 1 then retrace.