8 days ago

Wonderful 3.4-mile loop from Pot Spring Road to Dulaney Valley Road, combining moderate climbing, dense woodland and nice vistas over Loch Raven.

Great trail, didn't think it was moderate though, on the easier side. Very friendly people. Lots of families with small children down by the water.

1 month ago

Beautiful setting but the state of MD is letting this jewel go rusty. For biking the trail has deteriorated over the past few years. Very bumpy, and the latest insult is the fact that they dug it up for gas lines and did not restore the trail to a decent shape. I hope some maintenance can be done on the trail

Beautiful trail, great wildlife, and very friendly people.

very nice

2 months ago

Amazing trail!

Great trail for hiking. We took our 7 year old son and 8 year old daughter and our Australian Sheppard and everyone enjoyed it. Some parts of the trail are on fairly steep hills but I never felt anyone was in danger of sliding down.

trail running
3 months ago

I've run the beginning 6 miles out and back twice. Beautiful stream bottom with several ports potties and water coolers in the first 6 miles. Really nice in fall with colorful leaves.

Really nice trail. Beautiful water. Saw a snaked and was terrified so that's why i gave it a 4.

A nice trail to bike. Can easily do half out and back in a few hours. Lots of places to stop.

5 months ago

awesome trail. children younger than 13 probably shouldn't go if you're going off the trail.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great trail!