Nice walk. Red fox, deer, lots of beaver signs. I am fussy, too near civilization!

Great hike with friends today. Did the West Morgan Loop which measured about 7.4 miles (slightly longer than advertised in the "60 Trails within 60 Miles" book. Lots of hills made it a great workout. Helpful to frequently check the Trails App to make sure of turns. Got feet wet at the Little Morgan Run crossing which added to the fun.

mountain biking
3 months ago

The beginning there were lots of falling down trees but after that it was a fun trail

Nice trail I had the pleasure of seeing two deer nice
A little hot but all an all great day in the woods

mountain biking
4 months ago

Super convenient location and great trail. Definitely NOT an easy trail because there's lots of climbing and descending that will test your endurance and drive!

Not a technical trail so it's great for everybody, but be ready to be pushed physically. Great views too!

6 months ago

A very enjoyable and rather easy hike even on this July summer day at noontime in 90+ degree heat. Most of the trail is in full sunlight. Only about 1/2 mile of it is in the shade. Do visit the visit center if you have the time and if it is open. Very knowledgeable staff. I learned a lot about serpentine rock/soil, chromite, and grassland ecology, and what made this place so unique not just in Maryland, but in the entire eastern seaboard.

trail running
6 months ago

Nice trail. Ran the Choate Mine, Red Run and part of the Dolfield trail sections. Could not figure out how to continue the Dolfield Trail from the 1.3 point on this map, back to Choate Trail. Ended up out on Dolfield Rd and took that back to Deer Pk Rd. Brought home an unwanted guest...a tick of some kind!

Great trail. Only thing is that our dog got 4 ticks... Still counting

Pretty but full of trash from those who had been fishing.