A wonderful easy walk that is dog and kid friendly. We went in January, so it wasn't crowded. There are dog-waste bags and trash cans spread around the trail. The staff is very friendly. It's paved, not dirt/gravel.

Nice paved loop to walk your dogs around, I feel safe when I'm there - always just enough people around. Very clean.

love this trail... the trees smell so great.. the sun light beams are all over... the only thing to many people its a constant slow down .. but totally love it

love this trail.. perfect for first starts or if your working with an injury..

3 months ago

I live within walking distance of this park so I might be a little partial. This is a beautiful park! And it's not just a 2.8 mile asphalt trail around the park, there is much more to it. There are several wooded trails leading off from the asphalted path. All leading back to the asphalt path. You can't get lost. There's a farm with many animals to check out. The kids will love it. There are two playgrounds and a couple of fishing ponds. The fishing ponds are catch and release. Couple of museums, visitors center and a huge sports complex. This is well worth the drive to come out and check it out. I will get several times a week.

10 months ago

I enjoyed the Kinder Farm Park trail. Walked it on the first warm Sunday after a long winter. Nice trails, not crowded, not entirely flat --but a fairly flat trail, wooded in areas, open in others. Nice trail for families, or a bike ride, or a run. Absolutely a convenient trail for the Annapolis-Baltimore area ... highly recommend it.

trail running
1 year ago

Nice short trail running away from the hubub of traffic.

1 year ago

The Kinder Farm Park has a nice 2.4 mile, all-paved trail that circles the park. There are also a couple of dirt and grass trails you can take to vary your route. You can also get to the East/West trail from the park which then connects to the B&A trail (perfect for bikers). My wife and I walked the trail in the evening and saw a number of deer (one fawn was only a couple of feet from us). This is a nice park for walking, running and biking. The park has a fee but you can park by the athletic fields and get onto the paved trail from there.

Great hike. Date: 6/6/2015

Walked pushing a stroller. It is wide enough to fit two next to each other. Equally shaded and not. Many dirt trails/ hiking trails led off of the paved one. Bird houses are built along the trail, very nice scenery, and low activity on this trail.

This is a great trail for families. It's serene and not heavily traveled. We enjoy the trail for running and bike-riding. There is also the option to take the trail towards East-West Boulevard (you probably don't want to do this with children if you're planning to wrap around towards the front of Kinder Farm park via Jumper's Hole).

Nice park and path system for the whole family. Distances are marked out along the paved path so its good for runners. There's also a farm here to visit a nice shaded grove in which one can pitch a hammock and write a trail review. -1 star due to nearby airport and constant plane noise.

Kinder Farm Park Trail is great for hiking with children. There is an interesting bamboo forest and a curious pond that captured our interest. In warm weather it would be a nice spot to spend an afternoon.