2 months ago

I should've read the reviews first.

3 months ago

the trail I took, definitely needed maintenance done. hard to follow. felt a bit unsafe for some reason. weird vibe. I had my dog with me. but at the end of the trail went straight back to my car.

4 months ago

Didn't feel safe. Read Yelp review about "murder problems" in the park. Didn't make it to the falls.

The trail is easy and flat in most parts. I started at the park & ride and quickly ran back to my car as I felt very unsafe by myself (car with blacked out windows repeatedly circling back and driving slowly by me when I'm alone. Nope!) I'm sure it would be fine most of the time. I ended up driving to the Windsor Mills Rd trailhead and started there. The scenery wasn't anything picturesque but it was nice to feel like I was outside of the city without having to drive too far.

9 months ago

the Alltrails address for Gwynns Falls Park took us to Switchback trail/McKeldon last weekend. That was a great trail! But now we're eager to try Gwynns Falls today.

mountain biking
2 years ago

Great trail for all levels of cycling. A few hills but mostly flat. Trail runs through the city but at times doesn't feel like it all. The sounds of the Gwynn falls river makes this ride truly serene at times. Trail is fairly maintained with a good mix of asphalt and off road. A little hidden gem in heart if city.