Elk Neck is your year-round, travel destination to connect with the vast landscapes and waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The park boasts 2,188 acres of sandy beaches, marshlands, and heavily wooded bluffs overlooking the North East River, the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. As a result, there are several journeys you can take while in the park.

Easy in and out, cool view. Type of hike you can do anytime and could bring a good book or lunch.

Great hike didnt see anyone the entire time. About half of it was gravel road and the rest trails. The last part of the trail headed back to my car seemed much less traversed and had more downed trees with brush over the path. This loop is close to home will definitely be doing it again.

2 months ago

great easy walk took the Dog's. Great View

Nice easy hike. Views are awesome.

Nice trails to do with the kids.

It was a nice walk out to the light house!

Wide open trail. Easy and big reward at the end!

It was a nice very straightforward trail on a gravel path along the cliff side of the park. Half of it is shaded by the canopy of trees.

My wife and I walked it with our dog and a baby in a running stroller.

The parking lot at the entrance is small, maybe space for 15 cars. When we arrived it was full, but one care had just pulled out.

This is a beautiful spot! As another reviewer said, when you're getting close it seems like you're not going the right way because you're in a little neighborhood. We took Mason in and it's a tiny one lane road with awesome houses overlooking the water but I felt like it was going to dead end into someone's property. We took the other road (forget the name) out which was easier.
Once you're in the park you follow a wide, well maintained, stone trail. This trail is easy, goes straight to the lighthouse, and definitely all levels even for those with mobility issues. As you follow the stone path you'll come to a fork. If you veer to the right and follow the mowed grass trail it will take you along the water. There are overlooks and a rocky beach spot that our dog loved. You can continue through the wooded trail right to the lighthouse. It's not a difficult hike but there are lots of steep drops and the trail gets narrow.

Nice and quiet, not many people were on the actual trails. The lighthouse and overlook of the bay is great too but definitely more crowded.

Easy, but very scenic. Nearly 360 degrees of sheer cliffs for viewing pleasure.


Did some "off trail" exploring

It took us two separate tries to actually find the parking place/where to go because we were certain we were going the wrong way the first time so we went a more "obvious" route and found other nice things but not the lighthouse trail. The second time around we stuck to our guns and actually got there, you will think you're going to the wrong place your first time because of the drive through the town and you feel you are invading on them but you're going the right way. There are only about ten parking spaces, I can't imagine what they do during nice weather for parking. We went on a very windy cold day and were the only ones parked. We saw a few park rangers before starting on the trail that confirmed bald eagles and I was told it was a 1.5 mile hike to the lighthouse. We ran in to two locals who were friendly and two hunters otherwise we were the only people the whole time which was nice. There is a place called Hawk Watch about 3/4th the way up to the lighthouse which is where we saw the bald eagles. This is a nice and easy hike with some beautiful views but again, I imagine during nice weather it's too packed too enjoy.

Was great

Perfect distance and ample scenery to easily coach kids who are taking thier first backpacking treks under load.