nice trail. good variety of scenery.

Great park. Wear good shoes to get traction crossing the stream on the rocks. A few different trails to take, many of which have a few pretty steep parts, but not necessary to go down them. great for all ages, nothing too difficult and pretty scenery.

Good trail with varying degrees of difficulty, easily followed. The yellow trail seems to be blocked by fallen trees down by the stream. We had to back track and go around, unable to complete the loop.

Worst trail I've ever hiked. The trail was indistinguishable, and the markings were hard to find.

I love it

loved it!

on Double Rock Park Trail

5 months ago

Good trail. Pretty stream. Pretty well maintained. Great parking.

Great hike for the dogs! Relatively easy trail with a few stream crossings.

8 months ago

Surprisingl nature for an urban trail.

trail running
8 months ago

Lots of inclines/declines unsafe to run. Start of the trail is at Texas and Glen Rd and starts off straight down a hill of rocks. Good hike/nature walk but not running.

9 months ago

Tons of trash all over the place, especially at the beginning of the trail. It's a shame because it really is a beautiful trail that hugs a stream of rushing water. I also had my young children and my dog with me. We were unable to manage crossing the stream with young (under 6) children. If this is "kid friendly" I would say only for ones who are nimble on their feet and able to navigate potentially slippery rocks by themselves.

This is my least favorite park for trail walking in MD. Too much litter and too noisy.

11 months ago

Place is great !!!

FYI - The park entrance is at the end of Texas Rd. I submitted an update to the map but as of this writing it has not yet been corrected. The entrance at the end of Hiss and Fowler Ave is for the garden section for growing your own items. There is no car accessible road between the two parts when I was there.

Awesome for kids.

2 years ago

Not exactly a hike as much as a nature walk, but very pleasant. Completed this in October of 2012. Definitely a nice little spot just outside of Baltimore City.