Deep Creek Lake in Maryland is a four-season resort destination. A multitude of outdoor adventure activities are located within a few miles of the lake itself, and includes miles of hiking trails in State Parks. Most of the parks visitor services are located on State Park Road along the waterfront of Deep Creek Lake. The park includes approximately 1 mile of shoreline on this, Maryland's largest man-made lake. Access is available for fishing, swimming, and boat launching. Several picnic areas offer excellent views of the lake with easy access to the beach and other facilities. For more information check out our park map. Park Headquarters is located at the intersection of Brant and State Park Roads. Information can be obtained here during business hours Monday through Friday. If you need emergency assistance, call the Maryland Park Service communication center at 1-800-825-7275 or dial 911. General park information can be obtained at 301-387-5563. The Discovery Center can be reached at 301-387-7067 during business hours.

22 days ago

This was a nice trail, but is actually called Beckman's Trail, in which the Brant's Mine Trail is 1/2 mile within The Beckman trail. The entire trail was very peaceful and quiet. To get to
This trail you pass the small Snakeroot trail (1/4 mile) which we also did. The sites at the mine were very cool. Worth the trip!!

This was at Deep Creek National Park . This was actually a compilation of 4 trails. All the trails start at one point which is the Indian Turnip Trail. After about a 1/2 mile you get to the point where you can either go up the hill and continue on the Indian Turnip Trail or go to the left and follow the red and white markers and do the Beckman's Trail which leads to the Brant's Mine Trail. (Also within this way is the Snakeroot trail which is a 1/4 mile loop on the way there). We did all 4 trails totaling a 8.5 loop. It was not the most scenic nor did it have tons of photo opportunities, but it is a very relaxing and enjoyable hike to do. We will definitely do this again. The Indian Turnip Trail had tons of green mossy rocks of all sizes and the terrain was very rocky in some spots. We also seen a ton of Chipmunks.

22 days ago

A moderate trail but you actually have to take the Beckman's trail to be over to the Brant's mine trail which makes it longer, because the Brants mine trail is actually just a small loop in Beckman's Trail. There a couple of pretty cool nostalgic things to see up there though. I would do again.

A pretty well marked trail in which you can do four trails off of the one It is actually named the Indian Turnip trail. If you follow the maps they give you at the visitor center, your can combine 4 different trails in the same day which make it harder. The Indian trail can loop into the Beckman's trail into the Brant's Mine trail and a smaller loop trail called Snake Root trail. If you do them all it make for a more challenging day

1 month ago

Was not impressed with these trails. Poorly mapped and next to nothing to see. You will encounter cell phone towers and other human things. Not very peaceful.

Easy trail to follow as it was well marked. It was moderate and had some rocky ground as well as smoother. We saw deer, chipmunks and toads.

1 year ago

Great hikes and views of wildlife inc deer bear and wild turkey

3 years ago

Short but can be connected to other trails at the lake for a longer hike. Few geocaches along the way. Nearby Deep Creek Lake as well as a discovery center and bird aviary. My daughter and I did this in the winter in moderate snow cover.