Not well marked, beautiful, great for baby, kids, and dogs. A lot of small loops and if you get lost you can easily find your way back as most loops are connected. Wide well maintained trail great anytime of year. Can meander and explore smaller secondary trails.

Not the best marked,but a nice walk.

Trails are poorly marked. Got lost for a while. But nice park, beautiful nature.

Nice stream to follow, but trails are not well marked.

Beautiful park, multiple trail. If you park near the portapottys (spelling?) go behind them about 350 feet a long the fence line that leads to a few really cool trails!

nice kept trails.

Lots of overgrowth. Easily sidetracked. Got off trail twice but worth it.

i take the whole family, it is a great place. They offer beautiful scenery, easy trails and a nature center. In the spring and fall the county offers educational activities for the children.

I liked that the trails lead into each other for more options. It was nice to head into loch raven from the red trail and follow the loop marked on here. There was some sort of mission trail that wasn't fully marked out. I want to come back and pick it up from the loch raven area next time if the signs are still out there! :-)

Great trails. A bit confusing with them all running into each other. I'll def be back.

1 year ago

Well taken care of.

Fun trail. Can stretch it into a long hike but often times tough to know what trail you are on!

As a novice hiker this collection of trails seemed overwhelming at first. I loved the map that is available. This really helped me get started. The red trail had just enough challenge to it to get your heart rate up. I really enjoyed the lime green trail part of the Barron's trail which looped back to the red trail. This trail had a nice terrain. I will like to return to take the part of the Barron trail that loops to the Loch Raven part.

What a fun fun trail! But keep a eye on which trail you are on

There are trails scattered throughout CVP, but the one that drew interest prior to actually visiting was Barrans Trail. It can be a little difficult to get to but once you're following the trail, you pass by the Loch Raven Reservoir, (see picture). There's a point in the trail where it splits off, one crosses a stream and the other leads to a rocky incline (see picture) that's not only tricky with regards to footwork, but a relatively sharp incline. Overall, a fun trail that's not really well known and if Barrans Trail doesn't sound appealing, there are at least 5-6 other trails that are shorter in distance. The only complaint I have about that particular trail is that the path isn't always clear or well marked. Definitely, worth checking out.