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Over four million people visit the C&O Canal each year. From spectacular views of Mather Gorge and Great Falls, peaceful walks or bike rides through nature, tours of lock houses and other historic structures, special events, or boat rides on the watered sections of the canal, the C&O Canal offers something for everyone.

Very nice jaunt on a warm November afternoon. Fall colors still around. I followed the directions to scrabble up the hill overlooking the bridge - very pretty views. 3 or 4 trains came by for a little interest. Nice spot!

Going up to the rock overlook (called "The Point") above the Potomac River bridge is a short, steep hike, but doable by most average hikers. The really steep part is a few 100 feet long, so not too bad. I went up with my wife, two 12 year old boys, and two dogs. Coming down is a bit more challenging if you don't have on good hiking boots because you tend to slip on the steep, loose trail. To reach the trailhead, go north from the Point of Rocks parking lot on the towpath till you're under the car bridge, and then turn right to walk through the old canal over to the railroad tracks. The tracks are very active and 3 trains came by while we were there. Once you cross the tracks, just look for the graffiti on the concrete bridgeworks and there's the trailhead going uphill to your left. It's about 25 yards in front of the train tunnel. Once up top, the view is spectacular of Virginia, Maryland, and the river. Then the trail peters out quickly into the woods, so just turn and come back down the same way you went up. Can't beat the views on this hike!

Awesome view once you reach the top. For a shorter hike you can park at the boat ramp and walk up the trail by the Parking lot, then cross the train tracks under the bridge. It's extremely steep for the first couple hundred feet but after that it's a steady incline

Easy straight walk

Definitely worth the drive!!!

Nice trail within reach of Washington DC. The trail is hilly when you start at Chain Bridge and head west and eventually flattens out as it runs by the river. The trail was well marked and ran along side GW Parkway for a short distance and at one point you have to cross a road. The trail starting from about 3 miles west of Chain Bridge looked less used as there were many trees that had fallen across the trail that you had to climb over. At one point, within about a mile from Chain Bridge, you have to cross a stream by hopping stones if you don't want to get your feet wet. Overall an enjoyable hike and not very crowded, especially if you go earlier in the morning.

Very local to me. Great area, super easy. Almost completely flat. Nice views.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Excellent, very little elevation. Dirt and crushed rock. Beautiful with plenty of wildlife and many miles to cover. Majority of the ride is within sight of the river through some foliage. Dam 4 & 5 are a short distance in either direction.

Spent a very enjoyable day walking with the dog on the section of the towpath from Dam 4 to McMahons Mill. Its a nice 8 mile walk for an afternoon on a nice flat path. You can bring your lunch to enjoy at the Mill then turn around and head for home. Makes for a great day.

There is not a defined trail to the top of the rocks. Park at the C&O Canal parking lot. Walk over to US 15, cross the road and start climbing upwards. Use a GPS to guide you to the top. At the top, there's a hint of a trail. Follow it towards the east to the overlook.

1 year ago

A flat but expansive trail. I really enjoyed the scenery. Definitely going to visit again

1 year ago

I'm a local here and travel this trail very often. Have to go over the train tracks at the bridge and have to get very close to the road. But a short steep hike that shows a very nice view of the Potomac. We refer to it as THE POINT.

The trail is not marked and requires that you cross a set of active train tracks. However, worth the trip. A short but steep climb leaves you on a set of two rock outcrops with a great view of the Potomac just above and to the north of the RT15 Point of Rocks bridge that connects MD with VA. There was no one else on the trail the day we hiked (beautiful, cool Saturday morning. The connecting B&O canal trail leads you to the trailhead just north of the bridge on the right. The trail is found at the base of the bridge structure.

This is a wonderful campground on the Potomac River offering RV and tent sites.

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