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Catoctin's diverse cultural resources provide several vignettes of our nation's history in one small location. Native Americans quarried rhyolite for the production of lithic tools. A charcoal and iron industry is still visible today, along with smaller industries including farms, sawmills, and an old moonshine still. Historic structures and products of the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps, along with the site of our nation's first Job Corps Center, are tangible reminders of the capability of vigorous youth programs to strengthen the nation's economic and social fabric. The totality of resources found in Catoctin Mountain Park reflects much of the early fabric of our country. An Historic Resource Study was conducted in March 2000 by Dr. Edmund Werlhe and is available on line for your reference. Catoctin Mountain Park, An Administrative History by Barbara Kirkconnell, February 1988. 578KB, word document. For more information about archeology in Catoctin Mountain Park see http://www.nps.gov/rap/archeology/spotlight_CATO.htm and in the Washington, D.C. area see http://www.nps.gov/rap/.

Very nice trail. Perfect for Saturday hike. The whole loop takes around 4.5h.

Great rocks and little caves

A really nice trail in the fall! Would definitely rate it more moderate than hard, initial hike up the mountain was definitely steep but not too difficult. Would not suggest climbing chimney rock without good grip shoes, though. Beautiful views, about a 2 1/2 hour trip in and out but we stopped a lot for pictures!

Beautiful hike to some really nice vistas. The clockwise loop from the Visitor Center seemed to be a more gradual climb.

State park authority tries to limit liability by posting signs not to hike on the falls to protect the grasses. Its next to impossible for them to enforce as there are seemingly hundreds on the falls during the weekend. The trail itself is crazy easy to the falls and well maintained. The biggest challenge is avoiding the throngs in flip flops. The upper trail is moderately more difficult but uninteresting save for a couple of rock formations.

Can't beat the view. Sat there forever, just soaking it all in.

The view was ok, I like Cat Rock and Chimney Rock and Hog Rock more, but still really fun!

1 month ago

Good trail. Expect a rocky outing. Good loop plus Wolf Rock was fun.

We started off headed towards chimney rock. The rocky terrain makes it a little difficult to navigate, but we found our way to the overlook, wolf rock and eventually completed the loop back to the parking lot. Even with our bad sense of direction, we wrapped things up in about an hour and 45 minutes. Good workout!

1 month ago

2nd time on this trail. Loved the view of Chimney Rock, just before dusk, amazingly beautiful hike!

I recommend doing this loop counter clockwise

Nice hike over varying terrain and some scenic stops.

perfect hike, amazing view and really well maintained trail