Calvert Cliffs State Park is a day-use park featuring a sandy beach, unique fossils, recycled tire playground, a freshwater and tidal marshland and 13 miles of hiking trails located in Calvert County. The massive cliffs from which Calvert Cliffs SP was named dominates the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay for thirty miles in Calvert County and were formed over 15 million years ago when all of Southern Maryland was covered by a warm, shallow sea. When the sea receded 20-25 million years ago, marking the end of the Miocene period, cliffs were exposed and began eroding. Today these cliffs reveal the remains of prehistoric species Including sharks, whales, rays, and seabirds that were the size of small airplanes.

I've done this trail so many times and love to introduce friends to the "wild side" of the orange trail which veers to the left at the split but is lightly traveled and not marked so go at own risk and can follow a lightly tread path.

uhm awesome! the kids were mesmerized by the fossil hunting here! The trail is pretty much sandy and flat but buggy in spots. Hot but lots of shaded spots. bring water there is nothing to speak of. One little beaver pond area before the beach with turtles etc. The only facilities are in the main parking area. nothing on the beach no bathrooms no water nothing. gilligans island deserted. The cliffs beautiful. the beach a good stretch and easy to keep track of kids. No shade on the beach none so in summer and early fall make sure you put on your sunscreen. and careful we had snack and sat the snack bag in the sand and returned to a bag full of little ants! eek. We were surprised and pleased to see a make shift bin full of sifters, bucket and shovels to try and find fossils. and a fossil identification guide at the entrance to the beach. very very cool highlights of our trips. We ate a bbq place a few miles down the main street there and it was outstanding.

Excellent easy short hike.

great trail and perfect for younger dogs

Very well maintained trails and super dog friendly! Was there on a Monday afternoon and once we left the Red Trail and to hike the Blue and Yellow Trails, we didn't see another person.

Fun trail. We took the red trail to the beach, looked for fossils for a while, and then took the orange back to the parking lot. The red trail is fairly flat, while the orange has more elevation change to it (though it is not bad).

Took our family here (6 year old, 3 year old) and they had fun. The end of the red trail spits you out right on the Chesapeake. There are toys available for kids to play with in a wood bin at the beach, which was a very cool surprise. Our sister took her dog (English Setter) and he absolutely loved it. Not much beauty to see, but this trail is fun to walk.

Good woodsy and wetland scenery then you come out to the cliffs and the beach on the bay. Only downside is the yuppie infestation on the weekends. Go on a weekday to avoid crowds

Excellent flat hike to a beautiful spot on the Chesapeake below some huge cliffs. Very scenic woodlands and swamplands along the way. Great for a summer day, bring a blanket and some sunscreen and have a swim, or look for fossils and shark teeth below the cliffs.
It's about an hour walk from the parking to the end of the trail and about an hour back. But allow time to explore the beach.
It's also a great trail o break in some boots or do a non uphill backpack training hike, to get used to your pack

Excellent park. You get a pond, trails and beach all in one location.

Great family friendly trail. I HAVE 3 kids age 9, 4 and one under 1 who I carry (babywearing ) My children enjoy the walk to the beach. We love looking for animals and reptiles on the way. when you finally get to the beach plan to stay for some great fossil hunting.The only downfall to this trail is that it is very popular and at times crowded. This makes stopping and enjoying the scenery a problem at times.