A short drive from one of Maine's major urban areas, Lewiston and Auburn, Range Ponds State Park welcomes visitors who enjoy the wide sandy beach as they swim, picnic and play. Most activity centers on the waterfront which is easily accessible because of the smooth, surfaced promenade that parallels the pond for 1000 feet immediately next to the beach. Watersports are popular activities; small boats, canoes, kayaks and windsurf boards dot the horizon. A public boat launch site is located at the end of the beach and is limited to 10 horsepower motors. Leisurely walks are a must on the two-miles of easy trails comprised of old logging roads and railroad beds. A new group shelter, playground, and handicap accessible enhancements have been completed. (back to top)

A fine hike for a fall day. A few notes: First of all, contrary to what it says here in the listings, this is NOT in Range Ponds State Park. It is several miles to west of there, on the other side of Maine Route 26. There is some parking off of North Raymond Road before the silver metal gate that guards the gravel road up which you will hike, or you can park on the shoulder, as I did. It is basically a hike up a gravel road--though there are a few places with old pavement on it too--to the broadcast tower at the top. The route is the one marked here with the red line, not the dashed line. Stay on the main gravel road (whch is very well maintained) at all intersections until the top. It is pretty easy to follow; the only slightly tricky place comes about ten minutes in where a dirt road continues straight and the gravel road goes to the right. Turn right to go up the gravel road. There are not many views along the trail, but the leaves were turning with beautiful yellows and reds, mainly from maples and oaks. The first 15 minutes or so are fairly flat, but then it becomes steeper until the summit. It took me about 40-45 minutes to reach the top. There's really no view at the broadcast tower, but follow a dirt road that turns right away from the tower that curves toward the eastern edge of the peak. There is a lovely view to the east from the end of that (though unfortunately painted graffitti on some of the ledges at the top). An enjoyable hike!

was an okay hike. not a lot to.look at on the way up, but, continue past radio tower for beautiful view. was very disappointed in the amount of trash along the trail and the broken beer bottles at the top. Probably won't hike this again , especially not with my dogs and kids.

A bit steep not a bad hike. Just an awful lot of radio towers and cables and lines at the top, seriously A lot!!!

2 months ago

Great uphill strenuous hike for me. The dog loves it out here. Geocaching bonus!

This trail is very steep and rewards hikers with incredible views of the Oxford Hills. I would recommend trekking poles if your balance is questionable, especially on the descent.

4 months ago

The trail that the map shows is not the trail you take. The trail is a dirt road that leads you up to a radio tower. Easy hike, but no good view of the landscape below.

Great hike with incredible views also an abundance of blueberry bushes! The itself was steep and the way we went up was mostly ledges, it rained once we got to the top so the trip down was interesting :)

This hike has a very quick reward of views. I think the "easy" classification might be because of the short distance as there is definitely some elevation gain on granite. Out of shape beginners may not be thrilled if you took them on it for their maiden hike.

A great climb among open ledge with spectacular views most of the way up. One waterfall just below the open ledge. If hiking in the spring, I would recommend spikes as there is a lot of ice over the ledges.

A moderate climb to the radio tower at the top of Black Cat Mountain on a well defined gravel road. This trail is dog friendly but may be a little too steep for young children. There is limited parking at the entrance to the trail.