Not as easy as it seems if you come from the Limington side but a nice hike.

I hiked the 1.8mi trail from Limington with my 3 kids. 9 and 6yo boys and my 1.5yo daughter. The first .8 mile was a steady incline on even terrain. That had me inspired to finish the final mile, shortly after the 1mi to summit sign the terrain changed to uneven rocks and boulders at a steep incline. My kids and I hike a lot, I'd consider us "experienced" hikers and this was a challenge. Start to finish it took us about 4.5 hours. The first half of it my toddler daughter was on her own two feet so that accounts for time. The view at the top is amazing but limited. The air is clean and light and we put in so much hard work that we were cheering for ourselves from the top! It's an excellent hike but you need good shoes and lots of water! Hope you like our pics!

Fun hike not too strenuous, some views.

Nice trail to walk with a few inclines. Be sure to wear shoes with traction as the pine needles on the rocks can be slippery. Nice hike, good scenery.

went on the hike with my dog and 4yr old. the path was a little confusing to understand... it could have just been me though :-). otherwise it was a beautiful location!

Moderate hike. Did it on a hot August sunday and only saw a couple other people. Did the summit and the overlook which totaled a little over 5 miles. Steady incline. No good views really, but the scenic overlook is better than the summit.

3 months ago

3 months ago

i go back again

Fantastic! Decent challenge, but nothing that I will scare you. I will go back!

4 months ago

Love it! Not easy yet not hard!

I loved this hike! However, difficulty-wise I would say it was not easy! But worth the challenge, so much to see and not boring - I was able to trail run a little but I would wear hiking shoes next time

5 months ago

Trail was marked clearly but ended abruptly and did not make it to the top of the mountain. Ticks were everywhere, found over 20 on us throughout the trip. Be careful with dogs because you have to cross the road to get to the trail.

Nice peaceful secluded hike. Gets quite steep towards the summit and was forced to keep up the pace in order keep the black flies and mosquitos from eating you alive this time of the year. Lots of really big old trees along the trail and a few old burial grounds to check out.

Great little trail for families, nice view at the top

Nice family hike... Rocky near the top but wasn't anything to hard... Beautiful view! We went up the limington side which is a little longer then the limerick side.

Nice easy fun hike.

Easy trail. Wide and well marked. Seems to be some sort of land dispute with the Trust and private property owners based on some of the signs posted. Couple of old cemeteries. Went on a rainy day so mostly just fog at the summit. Lots of trees and the top so maybe not a lot for views there anyway. Either way, a nice leisurely trail.

Trail was like hiking up a camp road / dried up stream bed for the most part. Couple of old cemeteries along the way including a turtle cemetery. Not sure what that was about but it had a creepy vibe to it. Summit didn't have any great views but did have some pleasant shady areas to pause for a snack.