Nice view from the top . You can see Mount Washington and Ocean to the other side :)

Really nice deeps woods trails. Excellent trail markers.

It was a nice trail, but I went there with my dog and he had so many ticks on him. So I recommend checking for ticks after.

Easy trail, good for kids.

great view.

2 months ago

Fun, quick hike, with fantastic views of coastline from open summit.

it was a quick easy hike with a great view

amazing views of surrounding coastline, hills, marshlands, coastal villages... worth the climb by bike

3 months ago

Great small hike, I haven't done one in years ... The views were beautiful. There are so many trails to choose from off of ring trail I'll be back soon to do others.

trail running
3 months ago

well marked with easy access. great views from the peak. staying at the beach and need a quick mountain break? great choice!

A little shorter hike than I had anticipated but lots to explore on the summit.

Went today for a hike. We took the Ring Trail and connected with the Fisher Trail to get to the summit. Awesome view, Map is great (you can get it at the begging of the trails), well marked. Did it with a baby (11months) on a carrier. Great access with a car for people that can't make the walk.

4 months ago

Great veiws!


Says moderate but I found it pretty easy. Not too much of an incline and not too long. I took Ring trail to Witch Hazel then ventured along Big A before going down Vulture View back onto Ring trail. I went on a very foggy day so I missed a lot of views at the top but got some nice pics. I will be doing this almost every time I take a trip to this area. Enjoyed it.