Gorgeous! The whole thing is wicked interesting. Never even knew this little gem existed.

Super Nice, very easy unique trail. The boardwalk makes a unique path, and the Heath is it's own little world.

3 months ago

Awesome little walk, definitely recommend to anyone. I'd also recommend it in the early morning!

4 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail,very unique and well posted

Gorgeous day. Easy parking. Informative marquee revealing how the land was formed. Trail is flat and easy. Pretty flowers (see photo). Almost surreal, like being in another world,, walking across what used to be ponds now filled in with reed moss and then sphagnum moss on top. We assumed they must have hauled a generator in there to complete that long walkway. Lots of work! We enjoyed it, and it wasn't very buggy. Some sunny stretches but also some shady areas. Nice easy 2.2 miles.

The end of the trail was a tad confusing. It was a beautiful day!

Good for kids. Great views.

my favorite place to walk with my 2 year old!

7 months ago

Mostly flat and somewhat narrow (stroller-friendly, btw). Not much to do or to walk, but a fantastic, unusual place for a leisurely stroll or a photoshoot. I haven't had the opportunity to walk across a peat bog before, the terrain is like nothing I'm used to - bet it's amazing during the golden light hours. Wish there was more walking/hiking at the loop section. Big kudos for maintaining this.

We went in summer, and got hot going across the heath in the open. otherwise, nice hike, and we got to see unusual plant life.

love the boardwalks and all the unique trees and plants. Wouldn't really call it a hike, there isn't anything strenuous about it just walking on flat surface the hole time. I think it would be a really fun place for people with smaller children. easy enough for them to lead the way. great view and a great day. I'd recommend it.

Went on a photo shoot trip there. As it is in the marsh, where bug repellant during the season. Very scenic, including rarely seen bog plants such as wild cranberry and pitcher plants.

11 months ago

not really a hike but more of a walk. Beautiful scenery and the boardwalk was very pleasant to walk along as well as beautifully colored. Felt like samurai jack for a little when the trail looked endless with no escape routes should someone be walking opposite of you. went in December while it was close to 60 degrees. overall a nice experience but not a hike.

1 year ago