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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

One of the best 'moderate' hikes in Acadia. Taking your time and omitting the Beehive can put this in the 'easy' class.
Gorgeous panoramic views on top.

off road driving
4 days ago

Snowmobiled the park loop and went up Mt. Cadillac. Watched the sun go down over the West side. There are many ooos and ahhh around every corner but few words to capture the exquisite beauty and ruggedness of Acadia.
Acadia is a jewel!

4 days ago

Nice challenging hike in snowshoes. We left from the entrance to Cadillac at 5am , trying to catch the sunrise at 6:20. We were about 15 minutes from the summit when the sun rose, but we found a nice rocky ridge to watch it. Finished the hike before heading down.

I love this hike! The invigorating workout is refreshing and the views from the overlook areas are rewarding! I went Saturday at 24 Degrees. The sun was warm but the hiking really heated me up. There was very little ice on this trail but there were a few spots to be cautious while passing. The view from the summit is all grown in but at least it is out of the wind!

Did this one on 02/04/2017. There wasn't a foot print in the snow Very peaceful hike. Watch out for the hidden ice under the snow if exploring in the winter. Otherwise it is a relatively easy hike. Unfortunately the only great view is a small outpatch near the top. The rest of the trail is canopied by trees and there isn't a lot of sun exposure.

Great Winter hike. Look for snowy owls on the east ledges. Saw 4!

This is your basic "steady climb up, and steady climb down" hike. Beautiful views virtually every step.

2 months ago