Based on most of the reviews, y'all are all confusing this with "Tunica Falls" AKA Clark Creek which is the one you access by passing Pond Store. Clark Creek is actually a state natural area/park in Mississippi. Tunica Hills WMA is in Louisiana and is the property shown in this map.

Find trailhead through Google maps using Tunica Falls! It is very pretty area. We went 2 adults and a dog, CHECK everywhere for ticks(and very small ones too) because one of us and the dog had quite a few. Other than that it is hard terrain at timed and a heap of stairs but I say it was worth it! Awesome nature outing!!!

Great time beautiful sights. Fun terrain

Need a tour guide? I was born, raised and still live in Tunica.I know every inch of these woods....

Excellent trails if you have any sense of direction. Good to bring a compass for fun in the woods. Prepare for bugs and the possibility of run ins with other wild animals.

Overgrown, TONS of spiderwebs and very confusing trailhead.

Do not use the directions that this app or website provides! It led me 38 miles east of the right location. Once I was able to actually find the right location through other websites it was a decent hike, but difficult to find.

Nice day hike and lots of water to stay cool. Hills are steep so bring a walking stick.

The trailhead was a little confusing to find at first since there are a couple different trails here. We attempted to hike trail C and brought the dogs along, only to find out that we weren't supposed to have dogs here. But we started the trail and it was really grown up, and we were picking off ticks constantly. So if you hike here, be prepared for a not so well worn path and wear pants and solid shoes. Also saw a snake so be careful.

Went hiking with two friends a few months back, beautiful hiking trail! There is a $3 parking fee based on trust but its so worth it. About 7 little waterfalls, some off the trails but fun to get to if your in for a little challenge. There is a lot of hills so this hike isn't for young kids or older adults. Would recommend for anyone who loves nature!

Good spot to get ur nature fix. Much wildlife and a good amount to explore off the trail

Good trail for the tree hugger!