A great day!! Pretty easy trail. We brought our dog & she loved it. The beach is fun. As other reviews state there are many bikers to be mindful. This is considered a "biking" trail so we aimed to be respectful & move quickly as to not slow anyone down. Everyone was very polite.

1 month ago

I haven't hiked this trail but I have "biked" this trail plenty times. I'm just now reading reviews about hikers mentioning a lot of mountain bikers. In the Baton Rouge area this is known as a mountain biker's trial more than a hiker's trail. It's very well maintained by the group BRAMBA (Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Assoc.) that uses this trail system for biking, they even have races on it.
I would suggest if you plan to hike this trail system you keep that in mind.

it was ok... not very challenging really. just a nice hike. lots of trash on the ground tho and a few unleashed dogs. but thats not to say ot will happen every time.

3 months ago

Took my dog and it was a great hike. There were no maps available so I photographed the map at the entrance, hoping my phone wouldn't die. Lots of little swamps, a small beach, and the trails had a few surprises. Saw a snake, birds and squirrels. It was shaded for the majority which was pleasant. Just don't forget your bug spray.

Great trail. Clearly defined trails and markers. Bring mosquito spray!

6 months ago

It was a good trail. Definitely keeps your eyes peeled for snakes. We walked up on two copperhead snakes. No biggie though, because we were in their house. Next time we will try it with bikes.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Nice trail for beginners/ amateurs. Has some intermediate/ difficult drops but offers fun for all bikers. I like that there is a tool station at the trailhead and place to wash off bikes. I recommend going on dry afternoons. If there is heavy rain, trails can close as expected. I enjoy this trail.

nature trips
8 months ago

It was a fun hike with 2 adults and a dog! You can spend a good part of the day here...bring or wear a bathing suit because there is a nice little beach! To get there take a left at marker #5, it is wise to bring a map because it can get a little confusing, especially trying to get to the beach. Watch out for bikers, there are many, but they are friendly and watch for hikers too. My only complaint is the beach had broken glass and beer/cans littering the sand and water, I think it's because people tube here. Also, keep a good eye out for snakes near the bogs, we saw 4 moccasins. All in all it was a great hike, we very much enjoyed it and I would say my dog gave it 5 stars, especially because of the water!!!

good times.. watch out for snakes thought. ran over a copper head and we seen 2 others. think one was a cotton mouth.

Great trail! Definitely listen for bikers... A couple snuck up on us but everyone was gracious and it was a wonderful hike. Beautiful and well kept.

9 months ago

Just hiked here for the first time yesterday. I'm in agreement with most other reviewers in saying this is a really great place to hike, it's dog friendly and great for trail cyclists. There's a few cons to this place, however. For one, the trail is VERY confusing at times, especially if you're a newcomer. And, the park does not offer paper maps to help with navigation so I'd recommend you download a map of the trail (if you can find one) if you plan on hiking the whole thing. I don't know if I hiked the whole trail or not as I got a little lost and backtracked some. Regardless, I did find my way out with the help of my compass, a snapshot I took of the trail, and many years of hiking experience. I hiked 5.7 miles in 2 1/2 hours. Again, I don't know that I did the whole trail but there's plenty to offer here for experienced hikers or newbs.
A pro that I'd like to mention (that may seem odd to LA natives) is that there is no entry fee charged to enter the park. I'm not from here so I find it a little odd that parks charge for hiking or just visiting. Camping or back country camping, I can understand but I just don't understand paying to access nature. It's not the price of the ticket, it's the principle. But I digress. I'll be coming here whenever I need to scratch my hiking itch. Might have to wear swim trunks next time so I can wade at the beach portion.

9 months ago

We did 7.79 miles in 3 hours today and that was with a few short stops. Lots of bikers but we hiked the trail backwards and were able to spot them and move off the trail quickly enough to move out of there way. We had a map but still had a little difficulty navigating because there are so many extra trails that are not on the map. Which was fine for us because we were in no rush today. Comite was WAY better than Hooper Rd trail! Won't do that one again now that I know this one is so close!

had a great day! would do it again.

really fun xcountry mtn bike trail

mountain biking
9 months ago

One of the best biking trails near Baton Rouge, LA.

Loved it great trail to walk or ride!!!

The trail is really easy. Make sure you have a map because it can get confusing at least for me it did to get back. The beach is really clean and warm. The bikers will let you know when they're coming. If any other hikers are there they're really nice. But it's a beautiful hike.

11 months ago

** KEYS **
I found a set of keys on the trail today for a Toyota. There's a saint charm on the keychain if you can tell me the saint I'll hand them over to you.

I ran the trails today! They are so close to me and I finally completed them. Today I had 70 degree sunny weather and I was pouring with sweat. The sign says for walkers and runners to do the course backwards. Since there were so few people there I just started at the trailhead instead. The trail is VERY technical and small hills. These trails are certainly catering towards the bikes and not the runners but they were still fun. The few people I did see there were friendly and ready to give directions. I'll be back! :)