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Five stars for the view! It's a short trail but an awesome first view of the Breaks!

12 days ago

Really great hike.

Great for experienced hikers..

Hike was good, trail needs more markings. Bear scat on trail on 2 places going up and 3 places returning down. Good thing we missed it.

The trail is very long, but the fact it is like a old tom and jerry cartoon (same background every road). There is nothing really interesting to look at on the way to the top other than the cave which has metal beams that are welded over the entrance of the cave. It is long but the challenge is fun! Always go at sunrise! Waiting to go past noon even in the summer will leave you heading back at night. But I would still recommend going if your in town. Not any special trips

29 days ago

Nice trail. The city is putting in new mountain biking trails at flag rock area.

This is a beautiful trail offering two nice waterfalls, a third smaller waterfall, cascades, boulder strewn stream, and rock formations as you hike into the gorge. The trail is very well marked and bridges are sturdy and in great condition. You can hike in from Little Stony Falls parking area or Hanging Rock Recreation area. It is 2.7 miles one way. The trail, however, and the reason for giving 4 stars, is a bit rugged in places. There are lots of rocks and roots, and one area, I think where a rock slide or a trail collapse occurred, where the trail was simply covered with rocks that had to be crossed. That area wasn't over 20 yards long. There were also several trees across the trail, but they were simple climb over or under as the side limbs didn't get in the way of passing. The Little Stony is stocked with trout, but it is catch and release only. The scenery is gorgeous along this trail, top notch, but allow ample time for hiking because several areas are slow going.

Bittersweet. The trail was crowded and quite narrow at times. The trash was unbelieveable; very disappointing and really ruined the views. If it was maintained and cleaned up it would be gorgeous. We did manage to get some great pictures, however. We hiked the entire trail. Worst hike of my life; poorly marked at times, poorly maintained or uncleared in areas, stinging weed was terrible, and walking down what seemed to be a creek bed was just the cherry to the cake of our day....

I did it short and sweet; Went to the 'tub and came back. If you can handle the rocks at stream crossings, this is a piece of cake. Be mindful: The leaves have fallen, obscuring the trail itself. This forces you to pay VERY close attention to the blazes.

1 month ago

We hiked from the VA/KY state line to Ravens Nest. It's not a very long distance but reasonably challenging. Very steep, rocky areas but well maintained. There's even been rebar steps added on some of the more difficult spots within the year. The blazes are clearly marked but can be a bit misleading as some are a different shade of yellow & some are updated as yellow reflectors. Several breathtaking viewpoints. Take time & enjoy it. Well worth the effort. Gorgeous during the fall!!

Awesome trail. Wear pants and watch for bears.

2 months ago

Great place to take a leisurely hike. Very peaceful and easy.

Nice trail and the view at the top overlooking Flag Rock is awesome.