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Awesome trail. Wear pants and watch for bears.

13 days ago

Great place to take a leisurely hike. Very peaceful and easy.

Nice trail and the view at the top overlooking Flag Rock is awesome.

Loved the hike and the views. Water was very cold but refreshing. Can't wait to return in the summer!!

DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU HAVE 4WD because me and my friend tried to it was beautiful (the pictures anyways) and we were so excited but her car would not have made it a quarter of a mile BEFORE the trail head some cars were parked along the road but before the trail head is a no parking zone so we did not get to see the Devils bathtub

1 month ago

I would like to ask... I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend at Stoney falls! What does everyone think abou that

Great trail and hike. Don't forget to wear your water shoes which are an absolute must.

great hike amazing views and rock formations!

2 months ago


Loved it !!!

This was a absolutely breathtaking hike. We saw the main attraction (Devils Bathtub) in the beginning of the loop. The tub is much smaller than you expect. It's the size of a jacuzzi tub. There is a larger pool right next to the tub that is a better swimming hole but still cold. I did not get in but my boyfriend got in. The water was freezing (50s in July). About 10 minutes past the bathtub there is another gorgeous waterfall. We went off trail and ate our lunch on the rocks next to the falls. It was really difficult to climb down there and I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have my dog and boyfriend waiting at the bottom for me.

The remainder and majority of the hike does not have more water features. It was a lot of rolling hills in the woods. The overgrowth and stinging nettles left our ankles super itchy. We probably went three miles without seeing another hiker. I was disappointed to see as much trash as I did. If you are hiking please don't litter. It is such a shame to see.

We also spotted some bear tracks and bear droppings. If we were to redo this hike we would do the loop in the reverse direction so we approach the waterfalls and tubs at the end of the hike. I could have used a pool when we were done. If we come in the summer again it would be smart to have tall socks. Also, there is at least a mile of trail that is uncovered so it got pretty hot. My dog became a little overheated. So if you have a dog bring them a water bowl!