Green River Lake State Park opened in 1969 contains 1,331 acres along with the 8,200-acre lake. The park has many attractions for those who love nature and wish to experience the beauty that is Kentucky.

this, along with many other trails at green river lake are really nice although not well marked. we started out 3 or 4 times before we got on the right trail. so we ended up completing 2 or 3 other short trails as well. we did see some deer and a hawk and met a few people on horseback on one of the trails. all in all, it was a very nice day and a nice hike
update: there are several other trails over by the dam and the dike. these are a couple of miles each and make for some good hiking around the lake and the spillway.

Green River's trails are fun to explore... I rarely stick to the trail, because of the beautiful scenery in the forest and next to the cliffs. Full of deer and other critters. Recommended!