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Beautiful views along this trail. We planned to hike to the double arch from this trail but we had our dogs with us. Warning: if you are hiking with dogs. At about 2.4 miles there is a steep staircase that you have to descend to get the base of courthouse rock. These stairs are iron grated which could hurt your dogs feet. Our dogs would not even attempt to go down these so we turned back at that point.

Very nice hike, got to the bridge,beautiful scenery. We took our kids and our pup with us, nice secluded area at the bridge perfect for a night camping which we will plan for next season. just you and nature on this trail. As said was downhill going in, nice trek uphill going out, measured 1.9 miles back out from bridge. Fairly easy,and very recommended.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Terrible !
There is absolutely NO Maintence done on trail.
Plus this trail has become house trail.

Ps : there are some good trailsbut I haven't . Them yet

8 days ago

Nice camp spots and great high views.Deff will be back...

I just went to grays arch Wednesday. And man did I enjoy hiking the trails. Even though the gas stations where out of the over night parking pass. I was disappointed not able to overnight camp there. Maybe I'll try again in the future and maybe call in advance.

The only thing I didn't like was end of the loop was a gravel road. There was a nice running stream during the dry season we filled up our water at. If you were backpacking I would suggest camping at the stream.

This is one of our favorite trails, it's beautiful and easy. We've hiked it several times!

Beautiful trail, down hill on the way to the Natural Arch, uphill with quite a few stairs on the way back, but a very nice, easy trail, mostly paved. Beautiful overlooks and scenic views. Costs $3 to park

One of my favorite hikes in the Gorge. Best view around, however for better color I'd go at the end of October.

15 days ago

great easy trail with great views. dogs loved it!