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6 days ago

Beautiful hike to a beautiful falls!!!

Easy trail for the whole family. Thick blanket of dead leaves on the trail so had to be carful with footing in places. Heard turkeys calling, but kids and dog so loud on trail there's no chance we would see anything.

we will hike this Sheltowee Trace in its full length. Started from the Northern terminal at the trail head on November 9th 2016. I will spend my 71st birthday on this hike with my son Tom. We left at 3pm and hiked in 2 miles and stopped for the night. Right away we are aware of deer. We are trying to get this hike in before Saturday's Deer Seasons open. This trail has many private property signs along the trail. The blaze marks are also very good. First night temperature got down to 31deg. At 4.2 miles there is a good camping spot with water to be filtered. At Dry branch which is 10miles there is water from a faucet at a property owner that is very hiker friendly. We left a vehicle here because it is close to the halfway point for this leg. We went on through the cattle gate here until we came to the next cattle gate. We made sure to close them to keep his cattle in. At 11 miles we set up another camp. Next morning set out again and came to Holly Branch and a road where we could filter water. This is at 12miles. From here it is up a valley then a steep climb to a log road that parallels Hi way 64 for about 3/4 miles where at 15 miles we cross over hi way 64. Walked the forestry Ridge Rd for 4 miles then to Morehead to get the other vehicle. Total hike was about 26 miles. The scenery is hilly with lots of wildlife. We plan to repeat this action on following legs. Take two vehicles. Put one at trailhead and the other one at the end.

Went just when the last of the fall color was there. Quiet all around, was the only one on the trail. Brought my pup and he absolutely loved it. The water was low, so no waterfalls but still beautiful.

I bouldered to the top of Courthouse Rock and the view is amazing!! The climb looks scary looking at it from the ground but it is so worth it once you make it to the top! An advanced climb up on top of the rock but the trail to it is fairly easy.

23 days ago

Great scenery with excellent off trail camping options. Plenty of choices in case you need to shorten or extend your hike. The name of the trail says it all, a tough but rewarding hike.

24 days ago

Great afternoon trail! Beautiful scenic walk that at times can provide one heck of a workout!

25 days ago

Lives up to it's name, for sure. But damn well worth every mile.

trail running
25 days ago

the title says it all. a great scenic trail. definitely not for beginners.

Great hiking trail. First part is gravel road, but then you start your way on to the arch. If you climb a little you can make it up on top of the double arch and the view is incredible!

30 days ago

I loved this hike, great view of the RRG, especially in the fall when the leaves have turned. Combined this hike with double arch trail to create a loop of almost 8 miles. Had a great time.

Not as easy as everyone makes it sound. Should be moderate. Loved the hike though. Very beautiful especially this time of year. The bridge was a cool spot to hang out and have a snack and some water before heading back.

This was an easy trail. Loved the view! The trees were beautiful!

1 month ago

Great hike. Well maintained trails with a great parking area.

Great hike with a variety of terrain! We chose to make this a larger loop by doing the Gray’s Arch (#205), Rough (#221), Pinch ‘Em Tight (#223) Loop, which came to about 7.5 miles. There are a few opportunities here to get a bit off-trail, the first being at Grays Arch. Once you pass the arch on the trail, go down the staircase, and there is a side trail ahead of you which will take you up to the arch itself. There are two amazing cliff vantage points off trail along this route, which you can see on my map below, the first just past the Rough Trail & and Rush Ridge Trail junction on the left, where we stopped to eat without knowing about the second vantage point. The second point which we found out about from a fellow hiker, called Hansen's Point, was the most beautiful. as well as the most dangerous. This unofficial trail splits off of the Rush Branch section of Rough Trail near the western Rough Trail/Sheltowee Trace intersection. For more info about this spur, see: https://www.hikingproject.com/trail/7006440/hansons-point-spur

1 month ago