Good trail, moderate level for sure. Some confusion at times as I mapped the route provided by AllTrails and yet I got off course a few times, although I was always on SOME trail. Ended up with 5.6 miles total. Nice trail if you don't want to drive out of the city.

Great run!

trail running
5 months ago

Great walk,run or hike in the middle of the city. Great place to get away from the busy life and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Nice hiking near the highlands!

This park screams positivity! Great strangers, easy to moderate trails. All around a pleasure!

6 months ago

Simple. nice and for those not used to hiking. Lots of bikers and runners.

on Cherokee Park Trail

7 months ago

great park located close to city center. the trail is very well kept thanks to the local mountain bike group (KYMBA). For mountain biking, it is a decent trail and you can easily average a 10-12 mph average for the approximate 10 mile loop. Great place to take the dog for a hike as well.

I run it all the time. Great trail. Can be a little muddy in early spring.

Cherokee Park is probably one of the best municipal parks we have encountered. there are numerous off beat dirt paths, paved walking routes and plenty of areas for hiking, biking, running or just going out for a picnic in the woods.

10 months ago

Love the trails

Great trail! The scenic route is a 2.6 mile loop on pavement. Great mix of uphill and downhill with flat spots in between. The hills are often low grades, not steep. Great mix of people as well, some walking with dogs, some running, some biking, and some rollerblading. Located next to a golf course, very quiet!

road biking
1 year ago

trail running
2 years ago

My usual trail running keeps me in the Rockies, but as I was in the Upper Midwest I thought it would be interesting to run in these surroundings. The woods and trail are similar to those I've run in Memphis' delta river area. You will run under thick canopy and soft ground as you meander around hardwood and pine forests. In you have time while you're in Louisville I would highly recommend this trail.

mountain biking
3 years ago

I rode Cherokee for the first time last week, it was a blast. Most of the reviews found elsewhere will point out that the trails are mot marked...very accurate report. However, it had little impact on the ride. If one gets wrapped up about having a planned route it is probably beat to go out on a KYMBA group ride the first round at Cherokee. The 5.3 miles was essentially a "find an entrance and press on" event. Incredible single track in some stretches, some technical. The particular section had a nice downhill stretch that made the climbs worthwhlle. As with most things in life you get out of it what you want, I really enjoyed the trail. Will hit Seneca next time and loop onto Cherokee to extend the day. The inner hardball road was crowded with runners and walkers, but once on the trail it was not crowded. Highly recommend giving it try, probably not for the beginner mtb rider though due to the tech stretches. Ride safe.