Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie Where's the tall grass? Tallgrass prairie once covered 170 million acres of North America. Within a generation the vast majority was developed and plowed under. Today less than 4% remains, mostly here in the Kansas Flint Hills. The preserve protects a nationally significant remnant of the once vast tallgrass prairie and its cultural resources. Here the tallgrass prairie takes its last stand.

Made about a 10 mile loop hike...saw the Bison heard. Suggest binoculars and a good camera for best photo results..take water.Very enjoyable hike....wide open not consider a summer time shade... otherwise do it.

Beautiful!! Only certain trails are approved for dogs but they were beautiful!

Great place for long easy hikes. Visitor center closed at 4:30 so I missed that today but I'll check it out tomorrow. I got to see several Bison and some were even right on the path causing me to have to take a short cut around them. Not to many parks are so open and flat(ish) it was fun to see all around as apposed to a trail in the woods. :)

National Park in Kansas? Pretty cool!

Great day for a hike! Crossing the creek was COLD!!!

Nice hiking trails, trails are marked with their names on cement bricks

I really love prairies, and this was a great example. Beautiful rolling hills, really diverse plant life, big open skies. The trail we used was wide and easy walking.
We attempted a hike in late October, but the weather got the best of us. We were prepared for 40* and rainy, but not 20* and a snowstorm!

Completed 4 miles with my two kids. Nice trails, easy to follow on maps from visitor center. Didn't get to see the bison, but maybe next time.

Did the 2 section trail with my dogs, early this year. Rolling hills were pretty and there wasn't a person in sight. Creeks and ponds were dried up. Only con, was that the TH had no signage and I had to guess at its location based on maps. There's a public posting board with fish limits and warnings, but that's it. Then you pass through 2 small gates.... or at least I did. The trail was easy to follow.

We did the 7 mile loop in early February. Great setting, full moon and sunrise. Not much scenery given the season (dormant or burned off grass and cloudy). Great to walk within a few hundred yards of the bison in their territory. Heard and saw several coyotes. Planning on going back again during storm/growing season!

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2 years ago

Very nice hike over grass, dirt and gravel trails. Natural beauty of the land takes one's breath away. Plenty of different trails available, mostly flat but there are some long, gradual uphills. Enjoyed seeing the sea of tall grass, even had the pleasure of seeing a herd or bison, Recommend this trail if you want nice long or short hikes. Did not see too many other hikers which added to the solitude.

If you like prairie, you'll love this.

What a great trail to hike!
The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve is a NPS site and the trails are available 24/ camping but I always take a bivi-bag and so it's good to set up for the night to get those sunrise shots of the buffalo herd!
Although it is possible to night hike out here no one seems to do that much. I thought it was the absolute BEST time to do this series of trails. Pick a full moon and you will have the whole place to yourself AND be able to see some amazing wildlife at dusk, midnight and dawn.
Nice little motels and B&Bs available nearby in Strong City and Cottonwood Falls.
If you want total solitude and a place to explore that has not changed in 100,000 years...then this, my friends, is the place!

The visitor Center is appears large but really has very little in displays. The Historic buildings offer more to see. Over 20 miles of trails throughout the preserve. Well worth the trip.

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3 years ago

Starting at Council Grove, their are 20 historic sites to see. This just begins the adventure. The National Prairie Reserve has many miles of trails to explore and historic buildings. And their are much more to see and do.