Was there for the first time last Saturday. Great trails. Was a beautiful day for a hike.

3 days ago

Nice trail great overlooks

well kept trail

I've lived here almost my whole life and didn't know about this. Well maintained and great KS scenery. Bring bug spray though! Great for walks or jogs :-)

Awesome views.

Great trails!

It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful hike!!!!

It was a beautiful morning for a beautiful hike!!!!!

Deer, two turkeys, lizards, dikcissells, meadow larks, quail and many, many wildflowers. Temperatures started at 70 degrees at roughly 11:30 am on July 4th and reached mid 80's by finish. Great experience of Flint Hills.

3 months ago

Went with 3 kids (8,7, 5) and it was a great distance and had nice variety, good vista mid-trail, fun bridge and we even saw 2 deer.

We didn't time this hike very well and wound up spending most of the last couple miles walking into the glare of the early evening sun. We got to watch deer racing across the prairie, check out what remains of an old homestead, and admire the prairie views.

The scenery is absolutely incredible! The first hill is a pretty rough climb, but once you get to the top- and the Flint Hills roll out in front of you- you can't wait to climb it again.

Great prairie views! It was about 98 degrees when we hiked it, but the breeze was perfect. We also saw 7 wild turkeys as we were finishing the hike! Alas, we did not see any bison.