5 months ago

Very heavily used for a weekday. Large majority of the trails are paved, but there are some nice dirt trails with lots of wildlife. Saw deer and river otters. The trailhead shown by this app and Google maps is NOT a good place to start. Had to ask residents for directions and cut through back yards to get to the trails.

Fun trail. Watch for rocks,roots and fallen trees on path.

1 year ago

Waterworks Park is best for walking or biking paved roads. My family and I couldn't exactly find any apparent established hiking trails per se. Squirrels Nest is best for Frisbee throwing, dog walks, power walking, and or biking. I'll definitely come back and use the Great Western Trail to go biking on though.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Fun and fast flowing single track MTB trail. Two small teeter todders and a couple low rails keep the trail interesting. Keep your head up for hikers and trail runners.