After my first time, I will be back! Peaceful and under crowded. There is plenty of trail to walk a different route and discover new things each trip. Very satisfied.

This is my favorite trail to walk in this area!

I arrived energetic and left peacefully went to bed with a wonderfully relaxed body it was beautiful to enjoy!

First time I have been to this park. I will be coming back. Great place to hike, bring a lunch and eat at one of the benches. Very peaceful. Also found a great place on the trail to get down to the water and take a swim. Enjoy.

In my opinion, trails were a bit confusing but marked clearly. Very pretty, fair share of small hills. Clean, nice area.

Nice trail. Missed a turn and cut about a mile off of the distance. Most of the trail was very well marked.

trail running
9 months ago

awesome trail, great for trail running or a casual hike. in the squire point loop there are several outdoor pieces of exercise equipment.

Great hike. Most of the trail is shadowed with trees. Beautiful water and forest views. Highly recommended.

trail running
2 years ago

Good trail overall. Nice hills and the trail itself is easy to run on but still hard enough to make it fun to watch your feet if you're moving at a good clip. It is short for die hard runner though.

Excellent trail! Very well marked, lots of scenic opportunities including views of the lake, bridges and waterfalls (small but still. ..) as well as wildlife. During my hike there were several different birds, squirrels, deer and even bald eagles! Don't miss this trail if you live in the area!

Very easy hike, not too many hills. Beautiful scenery and views of the river. I'd recommend hiking this in the fall or spring!

This trail was very enjoyable. There were some steep and rolling hills, a nice view of Coral Lake and trail was well marked.

Great place to get out and do some activities. This trail has built in activities areas for bonus workouts. there are a couple of foot bridges in place to allow for more access without having to muck around in the mud. Awesome place when the trees are turning. You have a few options for the mental breaks by sitting on trail benches overlooking Coralville Reservoir. Access this from either the Linder Point campground near the Dam or just south of North Liberty at the Squire Point trail head off Dubuque Street.