You'll marvel at the natural geologic wonders of this beautiful park as you hike along its famous trails. Nestled along State Road 47 southwest of Crawfordsville, you'll want to explore the deep, sandstone ravines and walk along the stands of aged forests, and enjoy the scenic views along Sugar Creek. Visit the Colonel Richard Lieber Cabin which commemorates the contributions of the father of Indiana's state park system.

Today my son and I hiked the entire park. Not really sure the exact miles, but with all the back tracking I believe around 17. We had a great day. Weather was 15-19 degrees. First time hiking and my water bottles started freezing up. Good amount of people on the trail today. Had a great time now my body is tore up! Get out and enjoy the creation we were given dominion over.

Hands down one of my favorite places to go hiking in Indiana!!! Most Indiana hiking is boring. This place takes you back in time. You definitely will not feel like you are in Indiana. It's not the most difficult hike, but very scenic. Parts of it are like taking a stroll through the woods, and other parts are challenging. We did trails 3,5,9. We took friends that came to visit from out of state, and they just loved the scenery:)
Turkey Run is a very busy place when there is nice weather. I recommend early spring, or late fall for less trafficked trails.

Certain parts of trail make you question whether you're still on a marked trail or off-roading since they are bends of high rock slopes but they are trails. Pretty bridge over the river that many go kayaking on.

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Beautiful and Fun!

I'm from VT and perhaps a bit biased, and this was an nice walk, but I wouldn't say it was a hike. It was nice to be in the woods, but incredibly busy, which took from the serenity.

Took trail 1 to covered bridge, crossed creek there and took trail 4 back

Great hiking. Well maintained, clearly marked and lots of miles of of great views and adventure. River offers a decent float as well

Simply one of the best trails in Indiana, with treks that remind you of a wilder monolithic past, do not miss ladders, Boulder canyon, or any of trail 3