Fun trails. The ravines are fun to hike!

Great park!

2 months ago

The Pearl Ravine can be found on trail 2 at Shades. When you get to the loop portion, go left. (unless you want to hike down the ravine and up several stairs.) Wear a good pair of hiking shoes and be prepared for mud. At the falls you will be rewarded with an amazing view of sandstone cliffs. Trail is somewhat strenuous for the novice hiker.

awesome hike!

We enjoyed the scenery on this trail. With our 8-year-old and toddler in tow, we had a great time finding our way through trails 7 and 8 while keeping our feet dry (the baby backpack was a must for the little one for sure).

Lots of elevation change, most I've seen in Indiana outside of southern Indiana.

I love this park! It's got some wonderful trails that include ladder climbing. it can get a bit rough and some of the elevation inclines might be too much for some. Still, the beauty of it overlooking the river valley is something to see!

This is the place to go if you want to experience Turkey Run without the crowds. Just as beautiful, with a much larger dose of serenity.

Beautiful scenery with moderate inclines and declines. Expect to get shoes a little wet and muddy but not bad. Trail has minimal traffic on it and is well marked.


1 year ago

Had a blast in the pearl ravine and devil's bowl yesterday. Trail1 & 2. Bring a good pair of hiking shoes and don't be afraid to get a little muddy. It will be a great adventure.

Great! Walked through the ravine the whole way, very fun

5 stars...perhaps conditionally.

Our Sunday morning hike was perfect conditions after a Saturday day-long downpour. The ravine portions had plenty of water, and we enjoyed the find-a-path-to-keep-dry-shoes challenge. Trail was nicely broken up by Sugar Creek — the water was so high it was nearly to the trail! — and some nice ravine views.

We went in late April, when green was starting to show. Lots of green as the ravine started spreading out nearing Sugar Creek. Felt like we hit the most lively spot you could see for hundreds of miles. Excellent hike for shaking off winter.

Trail 8 runs from the ridge down to the river and back up Shawnee canyon. Shawnee canyon was scenic and lives up to the name of dark and cool.

Top two places in Indiana to Hike,looking forward to hiking it in Winter.Great camping by hike or canoe acess only!