1 month ago

Great trail for walking dogs. Great trail for kids. Can start at either end or even in the middle starting at the Lafayette golf course.

7 months ago

Trail is muddy in places and very sandy in others. Easy hiking and trail doesn't loop around so you have to hike back the way you came. I never ran into anyone while hiking about 2 miles out and 2 miles back. Definitely do not hike it alone if you get a little creeped out. I ran into large animal tracks and that ended that trail for me.

I took this trail on 10-10-15 from the Battleground area to 65 overpass. First time out on the trail. Hiked prophets rock then took this hike. It is nice to read the info posts thru the trail. I also learned a good amount of history due to the posted signs. It turned dark before I started to head back which was quite interesting with no light. Either way I do look to the day to walk the entire trail from the battleground to the fort.

2 years ago

We walked this yesterday. Started at Battleground, ate our picnic lunch on the Pedestrian Bridge, then went on Fort Ouiatenan. A beautiful hike. Magical scenery that felt otherworldly. A special Indiana place.

2 years ago

I have walked this trail since I was 10. It is very nice but could use many improvements. It has now been extended all the way to Fort Ouiatenon, making it 13mi. in length. A portion of the trail is urban, because it goes through downtown Lafayette. The stepping stone crossing of Burnett's Creek is a little frustrating. The trail gets flooded a lot. I also wish there were more access points along the southern portion of the trail.

3 years ago

Been walking this trail since I was old enough to walk. It has expanded some, and is a wonderful area.

I went in late winter on a cold but sunny day. This trail will get your boots muddy, but it is a fine family trail so long as the younger ones are sure-footed and are not bothered by the 100+ man made stepping stones. This is one of the better trails in the area and begins at an interesting historical battle site. Still, it is not a back-to-nature trail. Virtually every half mile is interrupted by the things of man, including a highway, railroad, interstate underpass, high-tension power lines, barking dogs from adjacent houses, and a fairly scary trailer park. But I bet during lush seasons when the trees are with leaves it would seem more secluded.

This trail is fun to hike. I hiked it in early spring after the level of the river went down. Several areas of the trail get flooded out during the rainy season.

5 years ago

Starting at the site of the Tippecanoe Battlefield there is plenty to see before you even start. There is a short loop of one mile you can take at the start called the Prophet's Rock Trail. It is very hilly and does walk you through some nice scenery but I'm not sure it was worth the effort personally. I'd suggest you call ahead and check trail conditions if it has been raining a lot, I had to cut my first trip short because of high water but was able to finish it the following weekend. The trail was mostly flat walking along both Burnett's Creek and the Wabash River. The trail is marked fairly well which helped a newbie like me and they also have points of interest type of sign post along the way. Eventually the trail will extend to Fort Ouiatenon but currently ends in West Lafayette.