Ouabache is difficult to spell, but easy to pronounce. Simply say 'Wabash'...just like the river that forms the southwest boundary for the park. This is the French spelling of an Indian word, so don't be surprised to hear some folks call it o-ba-chee. Kunkel Lake offers excellent fishing. During the summer months, a naturalist will provide information about the natural wonders of the park. A lodge recreation building is ideal for special gatherings and is now available all year.

Enjoyable 6 mile loop trail. I took an extra mile loop around the wildlife pen to view the bison herd. Wide and easy to follow even with leaves covering the ground. There is very little elevation change but the tree variety is good. There are multiple little footbridge crossing streams and a nice small lake for fishing. There is a pit toilet at the start of the loop south of the lake and several benches along the route. It took me 2 hours to do the 7 mile route.

Absolutely beautiul trail...very clearly marked. Level easy terrain.

The good and the bad - it's in the middle of Indiana farm country. Why good - so am I, so it's a few miles up the road. The bad - Indiana farm country is flat. Trail 5 (as all trails at the park), are nicely shaded paths through woodland, with an occasional footbridge over a wet area. Not a bad way to spend a few hours! The park also has buffalo, a lake and a fire tower that you can still climb.

It's probably not a 5 star but it's in my backyard and I gotta show some hometown love.

5 years ago

Easy easy trail. Wide and flat. Will provide shade throughout thentrail